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Kraft Boxes They are Unique and Where Can You Purchase Yours

by lutheraltone
kraft boxes

Kraft boxes has taken the industry of packaging to the forefront a few years ago. For many, they’re the ugly duckling that should be avoided at all cost. Because of their brown coloring they are often use in conjunction with cardboard shipping containers which lack design, style or class.

As you’re about to discover in this blog entry, this could not be further from the truth. The Kraft box is the most popular choice for a lot of businesses. Their rustic design is the main ingredient in many innovative branding ideas. The fact that they’re made of 100% recycled post-consumer materials is the cherry on top of the cake.

The level of personalization they can provide can make kraft boxes as stunning as they are practical. Let’s become familiar with the various ins and outs of kraft boxes , and discover how they could are useful for your product.

Kraft boxes and kraft papers An overview

What is kraft paper ? And how does it get created

Paper as we understand is made of trees. In particular, it comes from wood fibers that are referred to as pulp.

kraft boxes

The wood fibers of the pulp, in addition to other chemicals, include both lignin and cellulose. Lignin is a substance which binds the fibers and provides them with their brown color.

A lot of people don’t know that paper is not white. It’s brown. For the production of white paper, fibers must be bleached.

What’s the appeal of Kraft paper? It’s unbleach , which implies that it’s the purest of papers completely uncontaminat by chlorine. It doesn’t require being transform to get its stunning natural brown color.

Boxes made from Kraft Paper: Why you should be proud using these boxes

There are other reasons the planet is happy when using Kraft paper.

What is this all about for you? For starters you’ll be proud to work for a company which reduces their carbon footprint.

Why and how it matter? Let’s look at it in detail.

1. Kraft boxes are made entirely of recycle materials.

The virgin kraft paper is directly make by unbleach pulp, the majority of Kraft boxes are made of recycle Kraft paper. The kraft paperboard that we employ for our boxes is make up of 100% recycle post-consumer waste!

You’re contributing to the global recycling industry.

2. Kraft boxes are not coated.

Since it’s not process Kraft paper has a rougher surface that does not take laminates or coatings quickly.

What is the reason this is a positive thing? Coatings and laminates make recycling process much more difficult since they must be separate from their paper. Since they are not coat and kraft boxes, they are greener.

3. Kraft boxes are 100percent recyclable

Custom Kraft boxes are as close to nature that is possible. They are free of coatings and biodegrade quickly and don’t leave damaging leftovers. Add this to our organic-certified inks that we print with and you’ll be confident that your packaging is completely green.

But why should you be concerned about being environmentally friendly? Because it will lead to higher sales and more customers for life.

kraft boxes

The public is focusing on plastics and packaging that is not recyclable. The demand for more sustainable packaging solutions is extremely large. With these boxes, you’re catching several birds in one go green, more affordable selling, more sales, and satisfied customers. All in all, this means that you’re making more money, and your product is seen by many more people which helps you achieve your objectives.

4. In addition the fact that boxes are durable and long-lasting

While kraft paper is not coat, it’s still card stock due to its heavy (18 points thick) Kraft paper is resistant to humidity and has a more powerful handling.

A rough surface also provides protection from scratching and chaffing.

With an auto-locking bottom, they’re the perfect choice for heavy objects like candle jars, mugs, and drinks items, etc.

It is obvious that fragile items like jewellery or products for skincare such as glass dropper bottles or smaller glass jars will be very secure as well.

Kraft boxes: natural and natural. 

Contrary to popular opinion Kraft boxes are not the only option for all kinds of products. A large portion of our clients come made by hand from soaps and homemade skincare products to food and food items, toys, gifts and more. These boxes are popular!

If you’re looking for an organic more natural feel and look for your packaging Kraft boxes are the best way to choose. The wood fiber and recycled paper flecks show and create an unfinished, rough look that is authentic.


Are you able to personalize the boxes made of kraft?

Absolutely! If you’re not convince that the kraft boxes are amazing for their own sake There are numerous ways to modify a kraft box that we’re not even sure where to begin. The options range from plain  boxes, with simple labels up to including gold foils, vibrant colors and cut-outs.


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