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Lipstick Packaging Boxes for the Perfect Lipsticks

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Lipstick Boxes

The moment you step into the cosmetic market, you will be stunned to see the variety of lipsticks available. Not only shades but there are also many different types of lipsticks available on the market. It’s not amusing when you realise that different women prefer different types of lipsticks depending upon their needs and requirements. Some may prefer lipsticks which are lightweight and easy to carry, some might look for those which lock the moisture and some might just end up choosing a flashy vibrant matte shade and last but not least, a few might just pick up the lipsticks that have amazing Lipstick Packaging Boxes.

A Close Look at the Types

Though we cannot cover or talk about all the types of lipsticks, we can surely shed some light on a few basic and trendy lipstick types including:

  • Sheer Lipstick

If you have dry lips, sheer lipsticks are your go-to product. They not only provide you with gloss and shine but also moisturises your lips. However, in the lipstick packaging, sheer lipsticks always look darker therefore you need to choose the lipstick colour wisely that is compatible with your lips and skin tone.

  • Satin Lipstick

Sheer and satin lipsticks are often interchanged as they look very similar to each other but satin lipsticks have high oil content therefore they are more glossy and shiny.

  • Creamy Lipstick

As the name suggests, these lipsticks have a creamy texture and are much more subtle. They have a very low gloss look and they are not shiny at all but give a very soft and smooth look to the lips. Creamy lipsticks only protect the lips but do not lock moisture. They have a wax type of formula and wax will work as a barrier on your lips to protect them from the environment.

  • Gloss Lipstick

As the name reflects, these lipsticks are very glossy and shiny. These are ideal for women with small lips as they make the lips look bigger and wider. Some people use a combination of creamy and glossy lipstick to make their lips bigger, shinier and smooth.

  • Lipstick Stains

These are relatively new types of lipsticks and they are hitting the market with different names including lipstick stains, lip paints and lip tints. They may sound scary but in reality, they are not. Lipstick stains give a real pop of colour, and they are available in many different shades. They do not do much about gloss, shine or moisture, they are all available to give out vibrant colours.

  • Pearl Lipstick

These types of lipsticks are not very famous and known. They are designed to reflect light and play a big role in making your lips shine and glow. Most pearl lipsticks also sparkle. You might need to wear a moisturiser with your pearl lipstick as they are not known for being all that easy on your lips.

  • Matte Lipsticks

These are the most widely known type of lipsticks. Just as the name reflects, matte is not shiny or glossy at all. Although matte lipsticks do not shine, they give a very modern and bold look. They might be available with moisturiser effects too.

Why Packaging Matter?

Just as we came across different varieties of lipsticks, we completely understand it is really hard to identify the type of lipstick just by looking at the shade. This is where the lipstick packaging matters. The lipstick boxes have the type of lipstick mentioned on them very prominently and in case it is not mentioned, you can always have a look at the ingredients section to get an idea about the texture of the lipstick that you should be expecting. Some brands use different colours of lipstick packaging for different types of lipsticks and this in turn is actually a very thoughtful idea and a useful trick. However, some brands go for complete customization with their lipstick packaging boxes.

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