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Logo for IT-company

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A logo is the first thing a potential client/partner/investor pays attention to when getting to know your company. A good logo will stand out among many others and be remembered, a bad one will not cause any associations and will be forgotten almost immediately. Hence the main task of the logo – identification.

To create a really good logo that will attract customers requires inspiration, analysis and certain knowledge. You can study the history and meaning of the world’s best IT-companies, in your competitors and learn how significant color, shape and font are in a logo. Turbologo‘s logo generator takes into account all the important aspects when creating a logo and gives you the best options that will work for your company.

When starting a new business or rebranding an existing business, it is important to know and understand how a logo is created.

Designing and creating a logo is an important step in brand promotion. It is important for people to understand a company’s mission and core values when they see the logo. In any direction a business will go, the visual images and associations evoked by the logo will be primarily related to the company’s recognition.

A company that is in the market for innovative technology must have a clear corporate identity and company logo.

For IT-agencies, a logo with a thorough, thick font will do. With large letters, which will be written the name of the agency. Also the IT-agency logo often contains icons denoting internet, globe, communication, arrows, oboloka, etc. Depending on the service area.

  • Making associations. A logo should evoke stable associations with an organization or brand, without any subtext or hidden meaning.
  • Communication. The logo appeals to the brand to its target audience in social networks, on the website, through outdoor advertising, etc.
  • Attracting attention. An original sign with meaning is sure to attract attention and can catch the attention of potential customers, even if they have not heard anything about the company or products.
  • Message. With a logo, a company conveys some sort of information component about the organization, products, or services it provides to its target audience.
  • Identification. A logo helps a company or brand stand out from the mass of similar competitors.
  • Symbolism. The logo of a prestigious car or expensive clothes may look too simple, but for its owner, it is a part of the status image.
  • Aesthetics. Everything in the design should be balanced – shape, style, font and color design.

  1. Name. It is not uncommon for a company’s corporate logo to become its name. Such signs are called verbal. In this case, the organization gets a double effect – the target audience remembers not only the visual image of the brand, but also the name. Often the logo becomes a trademark.
  2. Associations or abstraction. Easy perception and good memorability is provided by brand names in the form of symbols or objects.
  3. The most striking example is the logo of the company apple. When you see a logo with a biting apple, we immediately understand that this is the production of this company.
  4. Combination. Some companies use a combination of text and symbols when creating a logo. This method allows you to create a memorable visual image.
  5. The form of the company logo. The logo of any company has a specific shape or is limited to the outline of a figure. There are two common approaches to the use of forms in the design of the logo of the organization: as a limiting figure or as a visual element using words.

No less important aspect, from a psychological point of view, in the creation of a company logo is the font. The text of the logo, using a particular font, should fully reflect the essence of the brand. https://www.key-biz.com/

If the task is to present the company in the market as a strong and reliable, it should exclude the use of handwriting font. Instead, it is better to choose a font with a strong base and serif.

After a comprehensive and detailed analysis will certainly appear at least 2 – 3 ideas that are better to visualize at once, at least in the draft version.

After the successful implementation of all preliminary stages, you can move on to the final stage of creating a logo.


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