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Problems Women Face While Wearing Lipstick

Lipsticks ..... are just a pleasure to own aren't they?

by mehrotrasaanvi
Problems Women Face While Wearing Lipstick

Lipsticks ….. are just a pleasure to own aren’t they? Lipsticks come in more than one million shades and women are awestruck over these. Some women’s entire lives are centered around this color-changing stick. It’s an essential accessory, and is adored by many.

If you’re the type of girl who is a fan of have more lipsticks than you can count, this is an article that you can relate to. Let us start by describing the importance of wearing lipstick. It brings the color of your skin. It helps you appear bright and gorgeous.

Lipstick is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It can make you look stunning. Someone who is a lover of wearing makeup is aware that life without lipsticks is almost impossible. Although, as beautiful as it appears however, it can cause numerous problems that only women be aware of who wear lipstick every day.

LIPSTICK is a rule that all women must follow!

It compliments your skin tone. It can make you appear. It draws a lot of interest, which everyone is looking for and enjoys. While many think that it’s a way to apply and apply lipstick, we will show you a variety of issues women face whenever they wear a lipstick shade. Check out the challenges women encounter when wearing lipstick, and learn how to deal with it also:

It’s the Shades Of Lipstick Tires You Down

Because there are many colors of lipstick available, ladies can be confused about which shade to choose. This can lead to women picking the incorrect shade of lipstick and they end up looking unattractive.

What’s next is choosing the right shade of lipstick to go with your outfit. This is the most difficult choice you’ll ever make. Importantly, it is a very important one!


It’s possible to make you Crazy

Women who wear lipstick strongly adhere to the concept of touching ups. Regularly applying lipstick will result in staining of your lips. So take care and take it easy.

That Day When You Miss Lipstick Lipstick

What kind of remarks are you getting in the event that you fail to complete an application day? Aren’t you getting a lot of negative remarks! It’s one of the issues women confront when wearing lipstick.

Talk about Teeth Being Stained!

Another issue women have to deal with is the lipstick on their teeth! Lipsticks that are used regularly can cause staining to teeth as well. However even if your teeth aren’t yellow the color of lipstick on your lips can cause you to look ugly.

Sometimes, when you apply lipstick it gets stuck to your teeth, and it looks awfully ugly. The problem comes when you aren’t aware of it , and continue to smile like a fool.

Food is Lined with Lipstick too

When you next eat wearing lipstick, be aware of the lipstick stain on the food you eat. It’s not just harmful for your health since you are taking in chemicals, but it takes the color off your lips. The best method to avoid this issue is to open your mouth when you take the spoon into your mouth.

A Perfect Matte Hue

Try the correct shade of lipstick on your wrists, if you’re selecting a matte-finish. Select a matte shade that makes you appear bright and attractive rather than dull.

The Red Lips

The truth is that every woman needs an assortment of red lipstick. It’s essential since you can appear completely different when you wear this color.

It’s always best to wear it with Our Outfits:

Whatever shade you pick your lipstick should match. Finding the right shades just right is another challenge!

Applying Lipstick is a very high Maintenance Job

This is because doing it once isn’t enough!

If You Don’t Remember To Keep It In Your Purse:

There is nothing more painful than being sad! The reality that you’ve not put lipstick back in the purse shocking.

It’s Everywhere on Your Tools:

No matter if it’s your tea or coffee cup or in a glass, the trace from your lipstick is sure to remain.

Matte Lipstick Feels So Dry!

If you’re a fan of matte lipstick instead more glossy shades I’m afraid you’ll be able to tell what I’m talking about.

The Kids Will Make Use Of Your Lipstick To Crayon

Children are awestruck by lipstick just like anyone else on the planet as they employ it for an eraser or crayon instead of what it’s intended to be used for.

If You Make A Mess With Your Lipstick:

The most difficult thing is to be cautious when applying an intense shade of lipstick, because even when you dab it a small amount around your lips you’ll look like clowns.

Eliminating The Long-Lasting Shade at The Night:

We love the lasting shades of lipstick that don’t have to monitor them over and over. It can be difficult to take them off in the evening.

Lipstick is the perfect accessory. It stands out, can be worn by anyone, and it boosts our confidence. However, wearing our favorite red or pink lipsticks has the same set of problems. The fading, bleeding, or rough spots are one of the many issues that we have to deal with. But it doesn’t have to be such a situation. Here’s how you can resolve all of our most frequent problems with lipstick:

Problem #1: Your lipstick emphasises dry patches

Oh No! You were so eager to try out your new lipstick, but it emphasizes every dry spot in your lip! It’s time to rid your lips of those dry patches! Use a lip scrub.

Problem #2: Your lipstick dries your lips

Do you find your lipstick dry? Change to a smoother formula. Do you want to keep the most adored, yet drying matte shades? When applying your lipstick, prepare your lips by applying a thin application of balm for your lips. This will keep your lips well-hydrated throughout the day.

Problem #3: Your lipstick bleeds

Do you find that your new, creamy lipstick seem to be unable to hold? Take a lipbrush and then apply a fine line of concealer along the lips’ edges prior to applying lipstick. The concealer creates an insulator to keep your lips from the other parts on your face stopping flaring and bleeding.


Issue #4: The lipstick never is a mess on your teeth

Oh, the horrible lipstick on your teeth. So embarrassing! It happens every time in the most embarrassing of times. The situation doesn’t have to be. When you have put on your lipstick, create the “O” shape using your lips and place your index finger inside your mouth. After that, you can pull it out. You see that ring of red lipstick on your finger? That’s because the color could have ended on your teeth. It’s not happening any more!


Problem #5: Your lipstick fades quickly

Are you tired of retouching your lipstick every few hours? Increase the longevity of your lipstick with setting. Take a piece of paper before your lips, then sprinkle with a setting dust. Easy, isn’t it?


6. Your lipstick is smudges off after drinking

You’ve been craving to drink that beverage (or tea or even hot chocolate!) But half of your lipstick is missing! Apply it again, and drink with a straw the next time. This way, the color will disappear through the inner, and not from the exterior on your lips. The people around you will not notice.


Problem #7: The long-wearing lipstick isn’t coming off.

You were getting exhausted of touching your lipstick all day and decided to purchase an extra-long-lasting one. But it’s now impossible to take it off! You shouldn’t sleep with lipstick in place. Take a bottle of vaseline (or olive oil) and apply it on your lips. After 15 minutes, clean it off. Lipstick’s gone!


Problem #8: Your lipstick broke

Your brand-new lipstick fell off from the base? Don’t panic! You can make it work again. By using a lighter, melt away the top layer of lipstick that’s remaining on the tube. Then, put the broken lipstick over it. Make sure to press the two pieces together for a couple of minutes. Take a toothpick and make use of it to smooth out the rough edges. Put your item in the freezer and let it sit to room temperature for about 1 hour. If you get it out the freezer, it will be like fresh!




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