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Ricoma CHT2 Series Multi-head commercial embroidery machine

Ricoma CHT2 Series Multi-head commercial embroidery machine

by ZdgitizingUsa
Embroidery Designs

Our latest innovation, the CHT2 business weaving machines, gives the ideal equilibrium between quality and efficiency that each embroiderer expects to extend their market.

This device, which comes in four to twelve heads, can precisely and definitively process pads, covers, and different completed articles of clothing by Embroidery Designs.


The CHT2 business weaving machines are top quality real nature 10.4-inch LCD contact screen show that permits you to control your PC effortlessly. This modernized board helps you import and update layout boundaries and create customized lettering, because of its immense memory space of 50 million join.

Ricoma is an American brand of Japanese and German innovation, offering a touch screen connect with easy to use highlights and an easy to understand include set.

The CHT2 business weaving machine deals with your weaving orders rapidly, dependably, and of the best norm, either as an entry unit, or an extension for your ongoing weaving administration, or in any event, for little series or mass buys for Zdigitizing.

Ricoma CHT2 Business Weaving Machine Series Incorporates:
Ricoma CH2 Business Weaving Machines

Ricoma CHT2-1504
Ricoma CHT2-1506
Ricoma CHT2-1508
Ricoma CHT2-1512
Determinations Of 1504:
Four heads
Net weight: 650 kilograms or 1,433 pounds
Bundle Weight: 700 kilograms or 1,543 pounds
Machine size: L: 108″ W: 37″ H: 66″
Determination Of 1506:
Six heads
Net weight: 760 kilograms or 1,676 pounds
Bundle Weight: 850 kilograms or 1,874 pounds
Machine size: L: 140″ W: 37″ H: 66″
Particular Of 1508:
Eight heads
Net weight: 1,000 kilograms or 2,205 pounds
Bundle Weight: 1,120 kilograms or 2,470 pounds
Machine size: L: 171″ W: 37″ H: 66″
Particular Of 1512:
12 heads
Net weight: 1,500 kilograms or 3,307 pounds
Delivering weight: 1,700 kilograms or 3,748 pounds
Machine size: L: 235″ W: 37″ H: 66″
Highlights Of Ricoma CHT2 Business Weaving Machine:
Highlights Of Ricoma CHT2 Business Weaving Machine
15 needles for every head
1000 fastens each moment
50 million fasten memory power
Gross weaving area of 400 by 450mm (16 by 18 inches)
10.4-inch HD LCD contact screen similarity tab
230-degree high point cap framework
Twofold bar setup to further develop machine effectiveness and vibration decrease
Twofold belt projects to upgrade force, improve on overhauling, and limit commotion
The most recent sewing arm has been made for top notch weaving on little pieces and covers.
Servo engine 150 W (Most minimal power use on the lookout)
The discretionary huge model raises weaving region to 500 by 450 mm
New weaving outline arrangement load up eliminates time spent moving weaving outlines
One-step applique, following, and one-board lettering
Inventive programmed string break distinguishing proof component
Preset loops to forestall contacting band outlines
Different encryptions with secret key assurance
Network limit upon demand
Programmed string trimmer
Programmed memory support
Movable time screen for different time regions
Network availability on request and USB read
Extraordinary facilitated managing component for quiet workplaces Pre-sew setup follow
Rewind or forward by complex lines
Crisis stop control
Stars Of CHT2 Series:
Pre-introduced evening out feet for basic transportation and gathering
Twofold light gadget for further developed vision
Thin unit body for speedy passage through standard-sized entryways
Ricoma CHT2 business weaving machines are appropriate for the people who need to make various examples and plans on different articles of clothing. A Multi-head weaving machine’s benefits incorporate conveyability, convenience, sped up, and more result. You can have more prominent adaptability in your work. The CHT2 business weaving machine is an incredible mix of execution and power, making it a magnificent machine to foster your organization.

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