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Seek the beach in Dubai

by Oscar Leo

It is an open secret that Dubai is one of the most popular destinations, especially for the tourists who reside in the colder parts of the world. It is an absolute dream to walk on glistening white sand with their skin basking beneath the sun and glamorous spas to tend to any sunburns that are caused. Dubai is renowned world over for its sea breeze that carries the mixed aroma of all kinds of cuisines from Lebanese kebab to Indian tikka masala.

It is almost a shame to visit Dubai and not experience living in oceanfront areas that not only boast Dubai’s enchanting beaches but also host luxuries villas with flawless recreational amenities. Getting yourself permanent or temporary residence in exotic oceanfront districts in order to escape hectic urbanity of city life should no longer be perceived as an unreachable goal, for  Palm Jumeirah Island presents you with contemporary  sea gazing Central Park City Walk that are designed to constantly uplift your mood. 

Villas with Royal Atlantis view

The villas facing the Royal Atlantis greets its guests with a huge foyer that paves straight to an expansive living room with adjacent futuristic kitchen and spaces spacious enough to be served as guest rooms. To enjoy some privacy and to get quality family time, these villas reward its residents with an amazing looking large five bedroom on the floor above. The third and the most awe-striking tier of the house contains an open air terrace and cozy room that can either be used as a gym or lounge. What sets these villas apart other than their perfect location is the fine craftsmanship of marble, wood and glass that is a constant theme for walls and floors. Huge elegant looking windows providing an ideal panorama is another reason to loosen up your wallet and reward yourself with this experience in just AED 32,000!

Beachfront Penthouses

Featuring its extremely roomy five-bedroom penthouses, Residences enjoys the reputation of being one of the most ultra-demanding luxurious residences in the West of Crescent Palm Jumeirah. This development is generous in offering awe-inspiring features that are not only pleasing to the eye but are also installed with immaculate security and privacy system. With an area estimated to be around 7,632 sq. ft. The penthouses constitute high end bedrooms with floor to ceiling windows that lead to wide and plush terraces overlooking the glistening Arabian Gulf and majestic skyline.  This splendid property further rewards its tenants by housing curvy looking infinity pools and easy access to private Club 104 fitness centres and amazing restaurants.  A little heavy on the pocket, this paradise property cost a little over AED 15,000,000.

Mediterranean style signature Villa

The Palm Jumeirah prides itself for providing yet another awe-inspiring property i.e. Mediternenan style signature villa . The house closely resembles the French Riviera and has now been upgraded by the installation of top-class amenities. This villa boasts its grandeur by light colored marble flooring and tall windows. The rooms are extremely spacious and elegant looking with built in closets and beautiful balconies.  The Kitchen is practical and closed with wooden cabinetry attached with steel fixtures. With additional game room and family room surrounded by central atrium, this whole experience can be bought with as minimal as AED 25,000,000.

Despite the paradise-like experience the above mentioned properties provide, it is not to be forgotten that these places have the extravaganza that can potentially render most of the people penniless, therefore the property owners are now becoming more and more considerate to the option of getting their apartment in Central Park City Walk Dubai

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