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Should you turn to TCM for Fertility Issues

by BaoZhongTang
TCM for Fertility Issues

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How might traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) aid in the conception process? TCM has evolved from a “alternative treatment” to a more widely acknowledged choice for treating common reproductive disorders in recent years, when provided by competent and experienced practitioners. The following are four reasons to use TCM to assist in the treatment of reproductive disorders such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and obstructed fallopian tubes.

What is TCM?

Occasionally, you’ll observe sportsmen or celebrities with purple rings on their skin as a result of cupping. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who swears by acupuncture for back pain or herbal teas for colds. People are increasingly using procedures such as these from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to not only treat but also prevent sickness.

TCM is a 5,000-year-old method of health and wellbeing that has been practised in China. Western medicine is primarily concerned with illness treatment. However, TCM considers your whole well-being.

Is it safe to attempt and will it succeed? With a basic understanding of how it is utilised, you may make better educated health-related decisions.

What Is the Concept of TCM?

Western medicine has a tendency to regard the body similarly to an automobile. It has several systems that need the proper inputs and outputs. It is quite precise and reasonable.

TCM, on the other hand, is unconcerned with science or medicine. Rather than that, it is founded on balance, harmony, and vitality. TCM is founded on two fundamental concepts:

Qi: This is often referred to as vital energy or life energy. It is believed to flow throughout your body. It is continually changing and evolving. TCM therapies often include methods for promoting and maintaining the flow of qi.

Yin and Yang: These are diametrically opposed terms that refer to the properties of qi.

Yin: night, darkness, coldness, femininity, and negativity

Yang: daytime, bright, warm, optimistic, masculine

The concept is that everything in life has a trace of its polar opposite, and therefore balance is essential. For instance, a medication prescribed by your physician may be curative. However, it is harmful if taken in excess.

These concepts, according to TCM, manifest in our bodies. When the yin and yang of Qi are balanced, one feels healthy and well. You feel ill if they are out of whack. TCM seeks to establish balance and a healthy flow of qi.

Reasons to Turn to TCM for Fertility Issues

Four Reasons mentioned below to switch to TCM for fertility issues:

#1. Complements and supports conventional fertility treatments

Co-treating disorders such as PCOS with TCM, as shown in a 2017 research published in the Publication of Integrative Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal published by Changhai Hospital in Shanghai, is more beneficial than getting simply Western medical therapies. A knowledgeable TCM physician who is also conversant with Western fertility therapies may guarantee that the couple attempting to conceive receives the best possible counsel and TCM regimen that compliments – rather than contradicts – continuing Western treatments.

#2. Treatments are customized for each individual.

TCM practitioners who treat fertility patients can find the optimal therapy combination for whatever condition a patient may be experiencing. For instance, the course of therapy provided to one patient diagnosed with PCOS may differ from that prescribed to another patient diagnosed with the same illness, in order to accommodate patients with varying physical constitutions.

#3. A non-invasive, natural method

When used properly, Chinese herbal medicine, which is derived from natural plant, animal, or mineral compounds, has no or very few negative effects. A trained TCM physician prescribes the drug, taking into account any other prescription medicines or therapies the patient is undergoing. Modifications to one’s lifestyle or eating habits may also be recommended to help one’s physical constitution improve. With TCM assisting with infertility disorders such as inflammation reduction or boosting blood circulation and reproductive organ function, some people may even be able to conceive naturally without the need of invasive procedures or hormonal medicines.

#4. Restored whole-body health

From a TCM viewpoint, many reproductive concerns are considered as imbalances in the body that inhibit spontaneous conception. While Western medicine is often concerned with treating a specific medical problem, TCM is concerned with the patient’s total well-being. A suggested TCM regimen tries to enhance the patient’s overall health while addressing each patient’s specific reproductive problem.

Overcoming fertility hurdles may be a lengthy and difficult process. At Thomson Chinese Medicine, our doctors are devoted to assisting couples in achieving a successful pregnancy, whether via spontaneous conception or by assisting with Western fertility therapies.

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