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by gemma

Welcome to Snake Game.
Snake Classic is a game of the snake genre that is quite good and fun. A version of Snake Classic how to play is similar to snake games, the task is quite simple to move your snake to eat white spots to grow, you also note when playing snakes, that is to avoid collisions. and crash into the wall. If you don’t move in time, the snake will die, and you will have to start over. The game has 3 levels for you to choose from, EASY, HARD, and HARDEST. Wish you happy gaming!

How To Play

Snake classic game has 3 game modes.

  • Easy: If you want to move slowly.
  • Hard: Movement speed will increase.
  • Hardest: The fastest like a ghost.

Before playing you need to choose the level of play. Please choose 1 of the 3 levels above.


Use WASD or arrow keys to control.


Try to use the WASD keys.

Stay away from the walls.

Left-click or Spacebar on the play screen to pause a game.

Do it again to continue a game

Play the game in full-screen mode for the best experience.

Similar games

Google snake

You’re a Google snake, and you’re crawling around endlessly trying to eat food while staying away from walls and your own ever-expanding tail in almost all versions of this game and believe me, there are a lot of things that work on the same principle, and the only thing that’s advanced is the graphics and controls, nothing more. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.
Let’s go back to the beginning. Your goal in the game is to maneuver the snake to eat the red apple.
As the level progresses, the difficulty will rise, so you’ll need to move quickly to avoid the snake colliding with the obstacles.

Worms Zone A Slithery Snake

Worms Zone is a game with a dynamic storyline. Start growing your worm right now. Having tried to get a real anaconda, a small worm never gets stuck in one place – he’s ready to bite everyone. However, there is a danger to being eaten by a more successful player. The Worms are real gourmets. They love trying various gelatinous goodies and everything they meet on their route.
How to play
Use the mouse to control the worm’s direction and the space bar to speed up it.

 Snake In Black

Snake in black is a game of the snake genre, quite interesting and fun. A version of the black snake, the gameplay is similar to the games of the snake genre, the task is quite simple, it is to move your snake to eat white spots to grow up, you also note that when playing snakes, you can’t play snakes. If you don’t move in time, the snake will lose your life, you will have to start over from the beginning.

Piano Tiles 3

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist like Beethoven, Chopin or Mozart?
Now, your dream can come true with Piano Tiles 3! It’s easy to learn and super fun to play!

With Piano Music Tiles, your mobile phone becomes a magic piano, by touching Piano Tiles 3, you can play your favorite songs like the best pianists!
Click the boxes to activate their notes and complete the whole song. The game starts at a slow pace and the keys will move faster as you progress. It will give your response to the test. You will lose the game even if you miss a tile. Play the piano like a pro in this exciting game!

Big Snake.io is one of the most popular online multiplayer .io games, offering hours of fun with leaderboards and action gameplay. Glide into a world of glowing balls, worms, and insatiable hunger.

Only the most cautious players will survive in Slither.io, the competition is constant. You can’t trust anyone, everyone will try to eat you! Avoid other players if you are leading their cunning plan against you, and try to collect as many glowing balls as you can! In contrast to the intense gameplay, the controls of Slither.io are quite simple. You just need to use the mouse to move around the map or your finger in the case of a touchscreen.

Use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to activate acceleration. Name your character before starting the game. If desired, you can also change and customize the appearance of the worm. There are many color options for you to choose from.

At the beginning of the game, you will be just a tiny worm, but by absorbing the glowing balls you will grow rapidly. Beware of other players! Touching their body will turn your worm into many glowing particles, which means you’ll be over the game, and for the other players, you’ll be delicious food!


Gatdamn.io is a multiplayer game to fight and rise to the top of the leaderboard! Choose a payload (attack/pistol/machine) and one of 9 unique characters to play with! Join the world and rise to the top of glory! You can also play a private game with your friends! Just create a room with a unique name and invite your friends to join it too!
Shoot and take down as many players as you can! When a player dies, you can also take their gun! Always try to carry a floating gun as it gives you a health boost! When you jump up a ladder, you will be pushed up. You can jump from any height without taking any damage.

 Cute Snake Io

Cute Snake io is a fun game with cute animals as your opponents. Keep hunting for food and boosters to get higher scores. Making your opponent stab your tail then swallow their rest is the best way to win tons of scores! Hold it up!

What Is Quordle?

Quordle is simply known as a completely new word game that works on the same principle as the Wordle game, but with a twist. Instead of guessing one five-letter word, you must guess four words concurrently when playing Quordle.

Quordle combines the greatest elements of trivia, word knowledge, and word games into a fast-paced, sociable, and word puzzle game. The game is ideal for parties, potlucks, social events, and family entertainment. Much more than just a word game, Quordle provides an opportunity to meet new people and hone your social skills.

This game is also a terrific way to unwind and forget about the tensions of the day. While this game is quite straightforward to play, it is very difficult to master. It’s also an excellent way to keep your mind sharp as you become older.

How To Play The Quordle Game?

Quordle comes with two modes of play: Daily puzzles and Endless practice puzzles. The Daily Quordle concept is similar to Wordle in that players are only allowed one chance to compete per day.

However, for those who require more, game also provides the ability to play an endless number of practice games, making it even more addicting.

The rules are the same whether you play the Daily or Free Quordle.

To begin, you need to guess your first five-letter word, and it’s critical to get a good start.
As soon as you type your guess, it shows all four words, with any correct letters highlighted.
A green square appears if a letter is in the correct position, and a yellow square appears if the letter should be in a different spot inside the word, like in Wordle.
The grey letters indicate that they do not appear in any of the four words.
In particular, when playing a game, a good strategy is to try to predict all four words at the same time by deleting as many letters from the alphabet as possible.


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