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Things You Need to Know About Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Mri Scan

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You must be familiar with the term MRI every time you visited the hospital, or you may have come across someone who visited the hospital and consulted a doctor to get their MRI test done. This is a technique that doctors use to study your body. Although a doctor will perform an MRI scan on your body. Therefore, you should read this post to know all the things that a doctor will not inform you about an MRI.


  • What is magnetic resonance imaging?
  • Why magnetic resonance imaging?
  • Take things in front of an MRI
  • Relax on MRI
  • Complete the MRI procedure in plain language
  • MRI radiation
  • Conclusion


Even if your doctor prescribes an MRI scan, what exactly is this technique. First, MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and is a medical imaging technique for imaging physiological and anatomical processes in the body. Helps doctors find, diagnose and treat health problems. MRI uses strong magnets, radio waves, and a computer to take pictures of the inside of the body.


Your doctor will tell you that you need to have magnetic resonance imaging.

MRI images are more detailed and finer than images performed by other methods. There are many reasons to have an MRI. MRI can detect body parts or changes in the brain, such as a stroke, bleeding such as cerebral hemorrhage, back problems such as a protruding disc, and internal injuries such as a torn anterior cruciate ligament.


  • Personal belongings must be removed before the MRI.
  • Loose metal objects may hurt you during an MRI if they are attracted to a very strong magnetic MRI. This means that all jewelry should be bare, not just what you see, including rings on the belly or legs.
  • Before an MRI scan, you should remove all metal objects, and it is not safe to MRI with some medical implants; you should tell the MRI technician about any implant or medical device you may have in your body, such as a pacemaker.
  • Do not wear makeup, nail polish, or hair products during the test, as they contain metals that can interact with MRI magnets. It is best to tell your doctor about any physical symptoms. Tattoos contain dyes that can cause skin irritation or burning when scanned.


You may experience anxiety or fear in the machine due to limited space or if you suffer from claustrophobia. So before you walk in, relax by eating, going to the bathroom, or just closing your eyes and thinking about fun things. 


Preparation for an MRI test is simple; you do not have to worry much about it. Just choose Star Imaging Center and get your tests done with in-no-time results.

To prepare for MRI, lie down on a table outside the scanner. MRI scanners are very noisy in nature, so you may probably use earphones that you must carry from your home if not available at the center. Various items, such as pillows and straps, can help you stay in the right position.

When you are ready on the table, it will slide inside the scanner (either closed MRI or open MRI); the interior is very narrow and closed, but with MRI scanners open, you will not be surrounded by the entire device. However, images may not be as good on open MRI scanners as on closed scanners. For each type of scanner, the technologist will operate it from the next room, and you can communicate with each other through a two-way speaker. 

During scanning, the magnets generate a strong magnetic field; it will not affect you. The scanner then sends radio waves to your body; it won’t hurt you either. When the radio waves are off, the scanner picks up your body’s energy signals, and these signals are used to take pictures.

You should stay still during the scan so that the images are very clear; you may be asked to hold your breath for a short time. MRI may take thirty to forty-five minutes or longer to complete.

 In some cases, you can get a contrasting dye on your MRI; the dye will help create clearer images. After the MRI allows you to continue your normal activities, if you are receiving contrast dyes, the technologist may ask you to drink enough water or other healthy drinks to help your kidneys remove the dye from your body.


MRI uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves; it is not a CT or CAT scan that uses X-rays. Obtaining an MRI will not show radiation as an X-ray, CT, or CAT scan.


MRI scanning requires very little preparation. You will be asked to put on a hospital gown. Because magnets are used in MRI scanners, no metal objects must be present in the scanners. The doctor will ask the patient to remove any metal jewelry and any type of accessories that interfere with the MRI scan procedure. Individuals cannot go for magnetic resonance imaging if they have metal objects in their body, such as bullets, shrapnel, cochlear implants, pacemakers, and so on, that may not be relevant for scanning. If you suffer from claustrophobia, you must inform the technologist at priority. In such cases, the doctor recommends a mild sedative for magnetic resonance imaging to make the procedure more comfortable. Women should always tell their doctor and technician if they are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. There may be a risk of harm to the fetus during magnetic resonance imaging.


Doctors are professionals and have to undergo a lot of things. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the physician to guide each patient in detail and explain each procedure to him. The details provided here are well researched and are obtained from the patient experience. Please read this and be prepared for an MRI scan.

So, if your doctor has suggested you go for an MRI scan, Star Imaging Diagnostic center will be the best choice for you. Here if you are interested to know every minute detail of an MRI, for your knowledge, you will be efficiently guided by the center staff.


The price of MRI scanning depends on various factors such as availability, number of films, and time. Please find the price of the MRI scan and other details for your MRI tests. Please note: If your doctor’s prescription specifically mentions “CEMRI” or “Contrast,” it implies that you require Contrast-Enhanced MRI Scan / MRI Scan with Contrast. Such a scan may require additional preparation and a Creatinine test before MRI contrast is administered.


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