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Tips for Mothers on Making the Healthiest Juices for Their Children

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Tips for Mothers on Making Healthiest Juices

Fruit juices are a healthy alternative to sodas and other common carbonated drinks and are beneficial for children. Fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which juicing makes more accessible to the body’s cells. Juicing is a healthy way to introduce fruits and vegetables into the diet that children might otherwise do without. There are so many ways to combine fruits and vegetables. They can be used to create delicious and nutritious drinks. Mixing foods is one of the most effective ways to increase the diversity of nutrients available to children.

However, fruit is also high in sugar and calories, and uncontrolled and indiscriminate consumption of fruit juice can have serious health consequences. There are ways to ensure that children drink healthy fruit juices to avoid obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other deadly illnesses. Here are some recommendations for moms who want to feed their kids the best.

Don’t overdose on sugar

Parents often forget, however, that some of their children’s favorite beverages, such as apple juice and orange juice, contain large amounts of sugar. Too much fruit that is high in carbohydrates and calories can lead to weight gain in children. Berries are perfect for this. Most of the carbohydrates in berries are in the form of fiber. The sugar content of berries is quite low. Here is a comparison of the sugar content of berries and other fruits commonly used in juice drinks.

1/2 cup raspberries: 2/7 g sugar

1/2 cup strawberries: 3/5 grams of sugar

also 1/2 cup blueberries: 7.4 grams of sugar

1 medium banana slice: 14.4 grams of sugar

1 medium apple slice: 18.9 grams of sugar

Half a mango: 23.0 grams of carbohydrates

Say yes to fiber

With the right juicer, homemade juices contain more fiber. Don’t buy fruit juice from the supermarket, buy fresh, seasonal fruit and process it in a juicer that cuts the pulp into small pieces. You’ll get as much fiber as you need and you can also combine leafy greens that are normally on the plate when served plain. With a good juicer, you can also incorporate nutritious foods that kids don’t like (like red beets) into the juice without them realizing it. A fruit pulp juicer also saves money by getting more juice from the parts of the fruit that would be thrown away if processed in a traditional blender.

Juices worth trying

Here are some healthy juices you can give your kids as a snack. Pomegranate juice is one of the most nutritious juices because it contains antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals. Pomegranate has a high sugar content, so don’t serve it in large glasses, but limit it to one glass a day. Second place goes to red grape juice and cranberry juice.

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