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Top 3 Safes that are best for Home Security

by amydav

When it comes to safes, there are plenty of options in the market. It is an industry that dates back thousands of years, so it will come as no surprise that its variety is uncountable. The range of solutions and products continues to grow even today. Safes can be defined as an incredibly strong tool that will help you keep your home safe and protected from different criminal activities. If reports are believed over 500,000 homes have been subjected to a burglary every year. Therefore, locking away your valuables and keeping your property secure is the need of the hour.

There was a time where the popularity of locksmiths touched the sky, and it is still relevant today; however, with the evolution of safes, people have started opting for digitalized safe systems. Though the options are wide, it becomes difficult to choose which one is a reliable option with so many varieties; how do one pick which is the right one?

To make it easier for you, we are listing the top three home safe options that have been quite useful in home security:

  • Biometric Safes

The definition of security is no longer what it used to be. There is still a place for the good old fashion lock and key system and the classic combination lock and good old fashion lock and key system; we are also witnessing an increase in popularity regarding advanced ways of protecting homes and valuables.

With the rapid development in security technology, e-biometric fingerprints are safe and not just content in sci-fi movies anymore. Today, anyone can buy a biometric unit for their property, thus making them one of the best types of shapes for home security.

The technology used in biometric fingerprint safe is programmed to the user’s unique fingerprint import, which means there is no other way to replicate the access. With this safe, your unbeatable valuables are secured in the best way possible and give you a sense of security as you cannot find a better kind of safe.

  • Used Safes

Biometric safes sound exciting and amazingly secure. However, it is quite expensive. Though a good safe is an investment and can come at a high cost, the former is a cost that may not be attainable, and most people cannot afford it. Having said that, you do not necessarily have to compromise on security.

Refurbished safes are some of the best safes available today. There are multiple benefits of buying a used safe, including great and unbeatable security and access to out-of-production items. Apart from this, they are often considered a cheaper option compared to brand new alternatives. Thus, used safes are perfect for people with budgetary restrictions.

Many people are often skeptical while buying a used safe for their home; however, your safe will offer high-quality security as any other security product with a trusted provider. This is because a trusted provider will do rigorous testing and refurbishment techniques for their products.

  • Outdoor Key Safes

Oftentimes a home needs to be accessed by multiple people; it can include family members, friends, tenants, staff, and even tourists if you are renting your place for tourism purposes. The owner might not necessarily want to have these people the keys and permanent access to the place. In this case, you can allow them access for a temporary time.

Usually, the common practice is to leave a key in a hidden location, such as under a doormat or a stone. However, this innocuous little idea can risk security and invalidate money insurance agreements. In this case, outside key safes happen to be a perfect option as it offers a high-security solution.

In this system, units are fixed to the external elements of the home, such as a wall, thereby allowing keys to be securely locked away. If someone wants to access your home, you just need to give them the safe key combination so they can use the key temporarily before returning. Since the keys are now behind a protected barrier, the owner can have peace of mind that an intruder can’t simply pluck it out of place. Moreover, the key safe combination locks can be changed from time to time, which means only a limited number of people can access your home.

These are the top 3 safe options you can opt for, ensuring 100% home security. You can choose one that fits your requirements.



Now that you know about the different types of safes available, it is also time to decide which type is suitable for you and your house. However, before you buy it, it is best to consider all the items you want to secure, thus making it easier to determine the kind of protection you will need.


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