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Top 5 Metro Stations in Stockholm You Need to See

by Miya Moore


Usually, Metro is just another way to commute in the city. Even during the travel, we rarely give any significance to the metro stations, no matter how historic they might be. Indeed, when you are in a hurry to get somewhere the last thing you care about is a metro station and its architecture. Besides, most of the times all the stations look the same: either they are very old, dark areas or very modern. Nothing spectacular. However, Stockholm decided to change the perception of the metro and designed the stations in a way to make it popular tourist attraction. In this article we will share the list of our favorite metro stations in Stockholm that you shouldn’t miss, once you are in this significant city.


Stockholm Gives a Tone – New Life of Old Metro Stations

Well, it is fair to say that Stockholm Metro is not just a metro. It is a modern art gallery with tons of different paintings and designs. While that might explain high price of public transportation in Stockholm, we would say that it is must-see destination. There are more than 10 metro stations designed this way, but to make it easier for you, we will just outline our top 5.

Before we head to the actual list, we would suggest to get 24- or 48-hours Public Transportation Ticket of Stockholm. This way you can save a lot of money and enjoy the underground world of the city more freely. If you are already planning your trip to Stockholm, make sure you have information about ETIAS Visa waiver program.

But enough with all these talking. All Aboard! The Train Leaves Now:



Stadion is my absolute favorite and this is why it has the first place in the list. The example of old, cave-styled metro station was too dark and the city government decided to cheer it up. The theme of the metro station is 1912 Olympic Games, which Stockholm hosted. There is a giant rainbow above the metro station that represents the unity of 5 participating continents. Besides, the colorful design of sky-blue walls really makes the station full of life and represents the real sky.



Have you ever imagined to be a character of one of Jules Verne’s books? If no, Radhuset is the place to experience it. The giant red walls and orange lines give the station somewhat active volcano vibes. While it might be a little bit disturbing, walking in the narrow platforms of the metro really feels like an adventure.



The name of the station translates as “King’s Garden” and I have never seen anything being so vivid representation of its name. Walking in this station really feels like walking in the gardens of the king. Here you can see plenty of different statues, amazing murals, mosaics and different types of paintings on the ceiling. The station is so posh it feels like Sci Fi movie by Stanley Kubrick.



Do you love Mosaics? If so, we have a good place for you. This station is entirely designed as a giant mosaic of 80s style. Here you can see the mosaic of Mario Kart and other famous games from early 1990s. The station is designed in a way that it makes you feel like a Nintendo Character. Good Game, Wanna try it again?


Solna Centrum

If Radhuset feels like the Volcano, Solna Centrum is more like a fairy tale. While the main design is in red and green, you can see dozens of little murals and paintings of forests on the walls. Besides each section of the platform has several glass windows that accommodates little dioramas. These dioramas represent the life in Stockholm in the 1970s. So, it feels like a little flashback to the past without the DeLorean.



In this article we have represented the list of our favorite metro stations in Stockholm that you need to see. However, once in there feel free to get a day ticket and explore as many stations as possible. We assure you that you will find plenty of interesting and entertaining details on the walls.



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