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Top Four Ways to Enhance Your A/R Cash Flow

by nicolejackson
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Sales and marketing can be easily identified as the top priority in growing a business. Your business got built around a product or service in order to attract the target market, gain new customers and continue to develop your company. In fact, the profitability totally depends, if not more, on accounts receivables. The sooner you receive customer payment, the more quickly you can invest in new employees, quality improvement, and overall higher customer satisfaction.

Here are the top five ways a debt collection agency helps increase cash collections for the business.


A cash collection cycle is defined as the typical amount of time that it takes to collect on invoices through accounts receivables. The credit card debt recovery agency’s cash collection cycle may affect the business’s ability to obtain credit or capital investments. However, running a proper invoicing structure helps you speed up the cash collection cycle.

  • Quick invoices

The quickest way to receive payment is when you set up regular invoicing cycles to ensure you are invoicing at timed intervals.

  • Clear payment terms

You need to ensure that payment terms are clearly defined upfront.

  • Delivery of invoice

The invoice delivery will determine how quickly the invoice gets paid. Options here include invoicing in person upon service or product delivery, email, or regular mail.

  • Descriptive invoice

The more detailed and accurate information you can provide in the invoice, the more likely it can get paid in a timely manner.


The credit card debt recovery agency team is not a team representing your company. The more you can educate your sales team or account manager of your customer’s accounts and your A/R process, the more likely you will be paid.

  • Sales team

The informed sales team can assist the account receivables collection efforts as another reminder and face of the company. They can also communicate payment terms with the customer from the start of the relationship.

  • Accounts receivable

The A/R team should be educated on the accounts receivable process and collections policies. If these policies have not been pre-defined, the A/R team should be educated on best practices and the cash collection cycle to keep the company within budget.

  • Client baseline

The customer will learn how quickly you wish to be paid by what you teach them. When you delay the invoice, they assume payment isn’t urgent. However, they will know what is expected when the payment is clearly defined and stated in the proposal or contract, and you are invoicing regularly.


Communication with the appropriate responsible party can go far in speeding up your cash collections cycle. The debt collection agency in Georgia helps you form a relationship with your customer’s accounts payable person or department and communicate on a regular basis.

  • Payment policy

It’s essential to define policies and procedures for late payments. The payment slab depends on the days. However, if the payment date is 60 days late, you need to send a final notice, including suspension of service and collection agency turnover.

  • Automate

The best way to ensure that you are communicating regularly is when your customer is able to utilize the CRM. A credit card debt recovery agency helps establish a workflow that will automate customer notifications.


Collecting invoices may seem obvious. However, some companies process the payment based upon their credit term. Your business must ensure a variety of available payment options. It must work to the best for the customers.

Final Wrap

Expediting the team’s cash collection can prove efficient to continue business growth. All your investment, company credit, and bottom line depend on quick cash collections.

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