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Top Things To Do In Prague

Crazy things to do in Prague

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Top Things To Do In Prague

So for the next trip, you are flying to Prague? Nice choice. You can find some of the top things to do in Prague in the following sections. Also, you might seek some important information related to Prague that might help you in your trip planning. 

What is Prague famous for?

The world knows Prague for its diverse and beautiful architectural structures and museums. Also, if you are a night owl, you will get to enjoy a great deal of variety. Moreover,  shopping is another reason why people love to visit Prague time and again. Therefore, if you are willing to enjoy all of these in one go, you must purchase your flight ticket as soon as possible. Sometimes people face traveling because they can not leave their pets in the house alone. JetBlue airlines have come up with a solution for this. Yes, JetBlue Pet policy allows them to travel on their flights.

However, you need to abide by some rules. For this, you can call the airline and collect all the necessary information. 

How many days is enough in Prague?

No less, not much, at least 4-5 will be apt for you to spend in Prague. Within this period, you can cover all the main sites and architectural structures of the city. Also, you will be able to have a taste of the culture of the city.

Now let us find out what are the top things that you can do in Prague 

The trail through the castle ground:

Prague castle was the home of Bohemia’s king. And today it has become the residence of the president of the Czech Republic. Not only this. In addition, it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the city.  

Walk through the Charles Bridge:

This bridge comes under one of the most known bridges in the whole of Europe. The main highlight of the Charles Bridge is the fine old statues. Apart from this the other highlights of the bridge are the superstructure of the Gothic gate and the beautiful view of River Vltava. If these things excite you the most, you can book your flight tickets now. 

You do not need to worry if you are confused about the travel dates. Because JetBlue’s refund policy will allow you to get back the ticket fare if you cancel your flight ticket. 

Explore Wenceslas Square:

The square is named after the name of the patron of Bohemia. The place is widely used for celebrations and demonstrations. Not only this, you will get to see many national museums and several other architectural structures and treasures of Europe. 

Also, if you are in Prague and looking for some free access to entertainment, you can come to this place. Moreover, you will get a good space for dining and drinking here. 

Apart from all these, if you want to see the Christmas market in this area, you can confirm your flight tickets for December then. During this time, you can have even more fun. Also, you get to explore the whole market.

Therefore these are some of the activities you can carry on with once you are in Prague. 

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