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Trending t shirt designs in 2022

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Whether you want to start selling custom t-shirts or expand your existing print-on-demand company, staying on top of current t-shirt design trends is critical. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the most trendy t-shirt designs for 2022, along with brief samples of how you may apply them. So, keep reading and perusing our t-shirt design trends to get the perfect style for your next t-shirt .If you are searching a good logo maker websites ,check out our free t shirt logo maker tool

t shirt with 3D Typography

How to Design a t shirt with 3D Typography

Although 3D typography may add depth to any t-shirt design, you may believe that producing 3D components for a t-shirt is particularly tough. Wrong! There are plenty excellent online design tools available to assist you in creating basic 3D pieces, . Adobe Illustrator is another tool for creating 3D text. In addition, Adobe includes a small video instruction to assist you in creating 3D text. So go ahead and put it to use!

Typography mayhem

Every graphic design trend reflects the times we inhabit in some manner. Should I even explain why crazy t-shirt designs have recently become so popular? What could be more 2022 than breaking all of the usual typographic norms and producing genuine anarchy on your t-shirt?

Trends in typography t-shirt design

Typography in three dimensions

A excellent illustration of a t-shirt design trend born by current “can-do” capabilities. This is not a new tendency, but it has definitely coincided with the development of contemporary technology and new graphic programme capabilities.

How to Make a T-Shirt with Typography Chaos

There are no hard and fast rules to follow here. Simply experiment with text and letter alignment, as well as word order, to create your own distinct style.

Here’s a simple lesson from Adobe on how to generate basic typographic chaos for t-shirt designs to get you started.

Words that are repeated

It is often necessary to repeat things in order for your message to really sink in. You are not only making a statement, but also designing a well-designed t-shirt with this trend. So, if you’re a novice designer seeking for fresh ideas for your t-shirt line, this is the design for you.

How to Design a T-Shirt with Repeated Words

This is one of the most basic t-shirt trends for 2022. Here’s how you can put it to use:

Create a clear message that you wish to convey.

Select an engaging font that corresponds to the tone and mood of your message.

Repeat the phrase as many times as you can on your t-shirts.

On each line, alter the wording slightly.

Declarative statements

Because we live in a time where limited in-person communication has become a new reality, this t-shirt design trend arose from a desire to stand for something significant without having to utter a word.

But it doesn’t mean we don’t have something to say. And we must express it clearly, particularly if you are pushing for a cause, political campaign, or social movement.
How to Make a T-Shirt with a Vibrant Statement

Create a phrase or statement that communicates the message you want to convey. Maintain a powerful and basic style, pick an easy-to-read sans-serif font, and don’t be scared to make your text colorful.

Canva has an outstanding collection of free minimalistic fonts. Simply choose one and begin creating new t-shirts!


Text written by hand

Individuality will be celebrated in the year 2022. Hand-drawn text or images provide a unique touch to your t-shirt designs nothing reflects your individuality and mood like a handwritten message .You can also add logos on your logo through free  t shirt logo maker tool.

How to Make a Handwritten Text T-Shirt

The goal here is to pick the ideal handwritten font that fits the tone of your message—it may literally make or break your design. Here are 5 free handwriting fonts you can use right now in your designs:

Script for Shopping


Day of Rain


Beauty with Ruffles

Want to liven things up? Experiment with different bright colours and modern hand-drawn design components.


Text that is curved and flipped

While most designers favoured organic blob forms in 2020, 2021 was unquestionably the year of the polished curve. Using this trend in typography, or harmonising the text with the curving feature of your design, you may simply transform an average t-shirt into something remarkable.

How to Make an Arched Text T-Shirt

To frame distinct components of your design, try arching your text to mimic the curve of a circular or semi-circular picture. Canva is the most convenient tool for this. You can turn your text into your preferred curved shape and direction for free with Canva’s curved text generator function.


T-shirt design illustration trends


This t-shirt design trend comes as no surprise. Custom drawings have evolved into a wonderful approach to distinguish any design from the general blur of heavy graphic components, a clean style, and minimalistic sleekness in 2022.

How to Make a Cartoon Illustration T-Shirt

Cartoon characters and images are not easy to create. However, 99designs offers the greatest cartoon t-shirts designed by their designer community. You may use it as a starting point or engage a freelance artist to create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt image.

Geometrical forms

Using geometrical forms in modern designs is a 2022 trend to watch for. There’s something really memorable about making complicated patterns out of simply flat elements.

How to Design a T-Shirt with a Geometrical Shape

The aim here is to attempt to make an abstract and strong artwork out of simple shapes. Start creating your next t-shirt print with this free 6-minute Canva lesson on how to make fashionable designs using geometrical shapes.

Illusion of sight

Do you instantly disregard an uncommon or strange vision or do you give it some thought?


Aside from being a resurrected 70s design trend, an optical illusion design may capture the attention of anybody who looks at it. And this is what you want to achieve when creating a t-shirt.

How to Make a T-Shirt with an Illusion Design

The principles are easy here: utilise drawings that capture attention and make people attempt to figure them out. However, you don’t want to overcomplicate the design, so keep it reasonable and not obtrusive. Layer typography, for example, is a definite approach to make an intriguing t-shirt.


Raise your hand if you experienced depression at least once in 2020. Pantone Color Institute may have known something we didn’t when they named Classic Blue the official colour of 2020. (not the best color, in my opinion).

Fortunately, it seems that better days are ahead of us, with a far more exciting hue of the year—Illuminating (Yellow)! Pantone hasn’t stuck to just one hue this time, but pairing the cheerful yellow with a very approachable ‘Ultimate’ Gray.

How to use Pantone’s colour of the year into your t-shirt design

The reason this is the most popular colour combination for t-shirt designs is its extreme adaptability. As seen in the samples above, the ‘illuminating’ yellow may be stacked over the grey while being readable.

Visit Pantone’s official website to discover everything about the colours of the year and how to utilise them, as well as other colour trends.



Consider future cities, robotized settings, space travel, and floating autos as inspiration for this t-shirt design. This t-shirt print idea originated from last year’s 80s vintage fashion and futurism trend. In other words, it’s all about looking back at how people used to think about the future.

How to make a retrofuturistic t-shirt design

The key features of the retrofuturist style include bold imagination, retro font, grainy and hazy effects, and an optimistic outlook of the future. Use old typefaces and any form of grain brush to make your t-shirt design more enjoyable. Here’s a collection of great Adobe Illustrator add-ons, as well as a brief free Canva instruction on how to make a quick vintage design for your t-shirt print.


Trends in artistic t-shirts

Designs that are psychedelic

Design trends in 2021 veered farther away from reality than ever before. The more unusual your shirts seem, the better. Despite the fact that visual psychedelia in design dates back to the 1970s, it has made a resurgence in 2022 owing to an artist who became tired with everything else.

How to Make a Psychedelic Design T-Shirt

Consider surreal patterns, implausible comedic characters, visual psychedelia, colour explosions, and utter creative mayhem. Remember to utilise the standard psychedelic colour palette of six colours: Middle Yellow (#FFEB00), Vivid Red (#FC0019), Malachite (#01FF4F), Shocking Pink (#FF01D7), Interdimensional Blue (#5600CC), and Turquoise Blue (#00EDF5).


Another retro-inspired t-shirt design makes a triumphant return in 2022. Complex tie-dye designs look great in unexpected hues. Furthermore, inventive digital tie-dye patterns are developing as a new way to create visual texture.

How to include a tie-dye into your t-shirt design

One method to incorporate this style into your t-shirt is to set a tie-dye pattern on a darker backdrop to make the colour stand out, and then paint a word or slogan over it in painterly strokes. Here’s a 60-second video lesson on how to make a digital tie-dye pattern for your next t-shirt design.


Words in various colours

Positive energy was something that everyone lacked in 2020, and it already seemed to be improving in 2021. Nothing says “happiness” like a blast of bright hues. Add some colour to your text-based t-shirt designs to make the world a happier place.

How to Make a T-Shirt with Multicolored Words:

This is maybe one of the most basic design trends on our list. Begin by building a text-based design. Next, choose some bright and cheery colours for your design’s colour palette. When selecting colours, bear in mind the overall tone of the message, your branding, and the target demographic.


T-shirt designs for a good purpose

Many individuals throughout the globe have endured difficulties and unfairness in recent years. This has sparked a movement of protesting inequity and demanding justice. While putting protest statements on t-shirts isn’t a new fad, there are many individuals, including influencers and producers, who wish to unite against injustice and support Black Lives Matter, the Me Too movement, the LGBTQ+ community, and other causes.

How to Use a T-Shirt Design to Support a Cause

Try to draw attention to your t-shirt by choosing an innovative manner to deliver your message. For example, instead of just printing a rainbow flag on your t-shirt, display it using colour codes.


Voxel artwork

A voxel is a 3D cube that is the 2D equivalent of a 3D pixel. You may have encountered voxel graphics in computer games such as Minecraft—it has a distinct look that is reminiscent of Lego bricks. We’ve previously discussed 3D and simple geometrical forms as trendy trends—voxel art is essentially a hybrid of the two.

How to Make a T-Shirt with a Voxel Art Design

Even if it’s a developing graphic design trend, creating voxel imagery for your t-shirt design from scratch requires the usage of a voxel editor and at least some creative experience.

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