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What Are the Differences Between Smoking and Vaping?

by ameliamadison

Smoking vs Vaping: Is Vaping Better than Smoking for Your Health?

In TV commercials, social media, and newspapers, everyone keeps talking about the detrimental effects of cigarettes. Still, here is a question, what to do to fulfil those nicotine cravings? Some advice to shift to vaping as the best alternative to smoking. Vapes include pod mods, vape pens, disposable vapes, and many other vape types.

The main question is, is it a better option? Or just another marketing hype and equally harmful as smoking? This blog will help find the truth.

The Thrive To Dodge Health Concerns:

Cigarettes are very dangerous for human health from day one. At first, people weren’t familiar with the harmful health effects of cigarettes. However, soon many awareness campaigns started working, and people began getting tense about their health.

Some concerned health authorities started to find ways to lower the danger. Some came up with adding a filter to the cigarette, and some named cigarettes light (low tobacco or nicotine quantity). That change tricked the public and considerably increased the cigarette market. However, the main issue of safety of public health remained the same.

On the other hand, the purpose of vaping is to reduce smokers’ health risks. The first vape was introduced in 1963, and the name of that vape was “Smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. Since then, modifications have been done from time to time, and now we can see dozens of vapes like vape pens, disposable vapes, mod pods, etc. These vapes provide a safer way to inhale nicotine without the involvement of additional dangers to public health.

Differences Between Smoking And Vaping:

Following are some major fundamental differences between smoking cigarettes and vaping.

  • Tobacco Inhaling:

Everyone knows that cigarettes are loaded with tobacco, which only harms our health in all ways. It can cause lung cancer, chronic respiratory problems, breast cancer, breathing problems, dental problems, emphysema, heart disease, chest infections, and many other serious diseases.

Although with vaping, you don’t have to worry about tobacco inhaling. You only inhale nicotine. Nicotine is an active ingredient present in tobacco. 95% of harmful compounds and chemicals are removed by lab processing and converted into nicotine salt that is delivered to your body more safely.

Nic salt is also an excellent alternative for you. Nic salts e-liquids like signature e liquid and cola e liquid are added with benzoic or citric acid; both compounds already occur naturally in our body. That’s why nic salt is absorbed by our body more efficiently. Firstly, the nic salt option was available to only pod kits. But now, they are available in other vape types, including mod pods and disposable vapes.

  • Smoke Type

In cigarettes, smoke is produced, and nicotine is delivered to the body by burning tobacco. However, in vaping, the coil is heated, and vapors are produced out of the vape. There is no burning involved in vaping.

  • Passive Smoking

You may have read about passive smoking in your intermediate biology classes. Passive smoking is the smoke that a person inhales involuntarily by being present in the surroundings of a smoker. Research has repeatedly proved passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking.

In the case of vaping, there is no fear of passive smoking.

  • Processing Methods

In cigarettes, the harmful effects aren’t just because of tobacco. There are lots of other compounds and chemicals present in cigarettes that can cause pretty serious health concerns and chronic diseases. However, the vape’s e-liquid like Heisenberg e-liquid is made by lab processing. Dozens of chemicals are removed to prevent the public from developing infections.

Which Is A Better Option For Your Health?

Looking at all the pros and cons of cigarettes and vaping, we can finally and without any doubt say that vaping is a much safer option when compared to cigarettes. It concerns lower risks of developing health concerns.

You can find the perfect vape for you after trying out some different concentrations of nicotine and e-liquid flavors. Start with starter kits or disposable vapes if you’re on a low budget. Moreover, disposable vapes are easy to use and carry—there is no need to change e liquids, batteries, or other parts of vapes.

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