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What are the Emerging Trends in the Indian Residential Industry?

by masthansonu7

Real estate has been one of the oldest existing industries worldwide and has experienced investors of different ages and walks of life. And interestingly, just like other modern-day industries, the real estate industry has also been subjected to trends that have arisen, been in vogue and suddenly disappeared. Let’s look at some emerging trends in the Indian residential sector.

Exposure from the Youth Globe Trotters

Due to the emergence of the globalization trend and numerous project engagement opportunities from MNCs, the youth has been exposed to some of the leading examples of residential real estate worldwide. And these exposures have resulted in them demanding residential spaces equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and modern ways of living. Therefore, this has increased the supply of quality homes home to some of the best-in-class amenities and security features to cater to this young and globe-trotting generation.

Attracting NRI Investments

Over the last few years, the Indian residential market has seen investments from Non-Resident Indians. The FDI route favours this investment coming from these NRIs. The NRI audiences are keenly interested in investing in properties in Mumbai since it is the country’s financial hub. They are also investing their monetary resources in real estate in Goa, Kasauli and other second-home destinations in the country.

The Emergence of the Smart-Homes

As time increases, the Indian real estate sector is taking notes from industry leaders like Singapore and Dubai to make amendments to the Indian residential constructions and employ cutting-edge technology to work. Additionally, the Indian residential industry is also witnessing the trend of smart homes as the millennial generation is experiencing an increase in purchasing power. Therefore, intelligent and modern-age technology for construction and home automation is an emerging trend in the Indian residential sector that has come up in the last decade.

Sustainable Living

While the residential sector is experiencing a demand for delivering houses fitted with the most modern equipment and fixtures, the industry is also experiencing a demand for greener living spaces as global warming rises. Homebuyers, especially the millennials, are always on the lookout for residential projects with lots of greenery, health and fitness amenities, double-height windows and smart home fixtures that make their lifestyles more sustainable. Sustainable living is the number one priority for buyers these days.

Excessive Internet Search

The millennials are also making the audiences aware of the various factors essential for a good homebuying experience through the internet. They share their personal experience for others to learn from and apply in their purchases. Additionally, these days, people can look up the residential project of their choice through numerous property aggregator sites.

These are some of the most exciting and emerging trends in the Indian residential real estate sector. If you are looking for properties in Mumbai or are interested in real estate in Goa or any other Indian city, you can check out the projects developed by Tata Housing in these locations. They deliver some of the best-in-class projects built, keeping the emerging trends of real estate in mind.


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