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What did you feel about the UPSC CSE Interview experience?

by Sukriti Sharma
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When it is clear that the UPSC Mains 2021 is completed, the hunt for the UPSC Mock Interview begins. Every year different coaching’s such as Vision IAS, Sankalp IAS, EDEN IAS and others come up with their Mock Interview Programming.


EDEN IAS is best among the rest. In February, EDEN IAS in collaboration and DICSis also in conjunction with DICS iscoming with a Mock Interview Program. The panel they will be offering will give you an experience that is similar to UPSC Interview. Yon can look over the UPSC mock interview by clicking on the these URLs:

Let me give you the story from one of my students. His board was Bharat Vyas’s. He was a BA Economics graduate, he graduated with PSIR Optional. The questions asked included:


  • You’ve completed your studies in Economics as well as Political Science Tell us more about internal conflicts within China.
  • What are the lessons that India could draw from China’s present situation?
  • What newspapers do you like to have time to read? Are you aware of VPN? If so, please explain.
  • India promotes exports. Will it be any good for us?
  • What are the steps that could be taken to boost exports?
  • Have you heard about the concept of helicopter money?
  • Are you able to discern the significance in the Siachen glacier?

First Member

  • What is the reason China is experiencing economic challenges in the last few times?
  • What are the possible motives behind Chinese wages rising?
  • Make the news in India is the talk of town. What are the steps the government is taking in that direction?
  • Do you have any information what you know about Alternative Rock Music? (hobby)
  • What is the difference between it and Metal heavy?
  • Do you know about Sanjay Gandhi National Park? What are the reasons why it is well-known.
  • What are the ways in which forests located within the city’s limits are they protected?

member Second

  • Please tell me the names forms of martial art of India (based on the hobby)
  • Have you heard of RDF? Mandi tax?
  • How do you feel of the APMC the system?
  • Does it really exist that Pakistan is an unsustainable state?
  • Within Pakistan what are the main conflicts?

member Third

  • What is the meaning of Global Economic and Political Order?
  • As per your assessment, is the current system conducive to India’s growth?
  • Define the institutions of global governance?
  • Name the Indian National Waterway 1.
  • What is the purpose of waterways?
  • 90 percent of our economy is made up of workers who are not organized. What steps have taken the federal government in order to offer social security to workers who are not organized?

member Fourth

  • Recently there was a report about the inauguration of a cruise within the prime minister’s district. Are you aware of it?
  • The government has launched an unorganised worker portal. Did you know about it? What does it serve?
  • Are you aware of the portal for e-ashrams? Which ministry is it in?
  • What’s the significance of your name?


  • Imagine you need to deliver a speech to an audience of girls at a university or college ceremony. Give us five points you’ll include in your speech.
  • Two female leaders who you admire.
  • Two male leaders who you admire.

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