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What exactly does the cosmetic dentist do?

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Cosmetic dentists can make smiles more attractive and help patients attain the gorgeous appearance they desire. Healthy teeth are great; however, if you’d like your gums and teeth to look and feel the best they can, then a cosmetic dentist is the ideal choice. They offer dental cleaning and teeth whitening treatments, as well as tooth contouring, dental composite bonding, and many other dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just enhance your smile; it also increases your self-esteem. Cosmetic dentists can assist you with your teeth if they are too large or small, or crooked. They will make major adjustments to the teeth of your patients, completely reconstruct them, and repair them to make it appear like new. They can also treat other dental problems. Cosmetic dentists also help in the treatment of discoloration that is caused by smoking cigarettes, drinking tea, or smoking.

Cosmetic dentists can perform the procedures listed below as well as many other dental procedures:

  • Teeth whitening: It is commonly referred to as “teeth bleaching,” which can help to whiten and improve the appearance of your teeth, especially if they’ve discoloration or stains. The cosmetic dentist will apply a gum-covering treatment prior to placing a gel of whitening with hydrogen peroxide on the surface of your tooth. Following that, laser light is applied to your tooth to trigger the gel and accelerate the process of bleaching. The process of whitening your teeth can be carried out in a dental office or at your home. It is essential to speak with your dentist before doing this since every tooth can’t be bleached.
  • Dental veneers: Dental veneers were considered to be the gold standard for cosmetic dental treatments. Dental veneers are custom-made of porcelain composite or resin and are designed to alter how your smile appears by changing its shape, shade, or size after being bonded into the correct position. Veneers are ideal for people who have dark stains which are not faded by the use of whitening, as well as broken or cracked front teeth.
  • Inlays and Onlays: Inlays are made of gold, porcelain, or composite materials to restore decayed or broken teeth. Inlays and onlays are generally made in a dental laboratory and are bonded to teeth using adhesive cement for dental. If the cement is placed in the middle of teeth, the filling is referred to as”an “inlay.” When the filling is encased by the entire surface of the tooth or completely covers the surface of the tooth, it is referred to as”an “onlay.” Inlays and onlays offer teeth support and help maintain their form and help prevent decay from occurring.
  • Implants for dental purposes: Dental implants can be used for replacing teeth lost as a result of an accident, extraction, or any other dental issue. The dentist will put an implant in your jaw to hold the implant. A cosmetic dentist can put tiny titanium screws in the jaw where the tooth that was missing was. After it is bonded to the jaw bone, it functions as a base for the crown. Implants are affixed to natural teeth when the crown is fitted by a screw. Food particles and plaque must not accumulate in the vicinity surrounding the implant.

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