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What Happens if Your car Tyre Gets Too Hot

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The summer heat can be dangerous not only to humans but also to car tyre. In the UAE, it is observed that in the winters, the temperature and heat are still high, whereas, at night, it lowers down. Due to this, when tyres’ pressure decreases at night but increases in the morning or afternoon, the cars cannot bear the situation, and the tyre turns to blow out.

Its first and foremost symptoms include getting too hot and bursting. It can cause damage to the drivers as well as passengers.

We will tell you about what happens if your car tyre gets too hot, how to check it and how you can avoid and tackle the situation efficiently.

What Happens if Tyre Gets Too Hot

Getting your car tyre pressure checked monthly is important to avoid the consequences of over and under-inflated tires. Even if your car tyres don’t have any leaks, your tires will still continuously lose pressure. Your car won’t signal you unless your pressure becomes significantly low. So, it’s important to check your tyres manually from time to time. Making a habit of checking your tire pressure can extend the life of your tyres and will make you aware of minor issues before they become big problems.

Three things play an important role when the heat causes air pressure to build:


Rubber molecules, which a tyre is made up of, are linked in long, twisting chains (polymers). When polymers vibrate, they contract rather than expand. The manufacturers make tyre rubbers so the polymers can’t coil in on themselves. But, since everything has a breaking point. If you keep blowing air into something, eventually, it will burst. The same can also happen to a tyre when it’s hot out.

Having Hot Molecules

All the materials are made up of different atoms and molecules. When these molecules are hot, they start to vibrate intensely. This vibration causes them to expand. There are molecules in the air that is inflated in the tyre. So, when you inflate the tyre so much and apply pressure on it by using them on a rough road, your tyre heats up quickly and eventually bursts.


As you drive down the hill or slope, the tyres of your car rub against the asphalt. It generates a good amount of friction, and this friction creates heat. Due to excessive heat, the tyres get even hotter during the summer.

Signs To Check If Your Car Tyre Gets Too Hot

Your car tyres are more likely to blow out in summers due to excessive heat. There are multiple signs that you can check to determine the condition of your car. Those are as follows:

Tires That Are Hot to Touch

The most obvious sign that your tyres are overheating is how they feel; if they feel hot to the touch, it’s an overheating indicator.

Excessive Air Pressure

A tyre pressure gauge tells you appropriately if your tyres are overinflated due to the heat. It indicates the pressure quantity if it is increasing.

Note: Don’t Rely Solely Only upon the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Many new vehicles have a TPMS that sends an alert when the tyre pressure is too low. But your system does not warn you appropriately if the pressure is too high. You should now go to an automobile shop or a reliable garage such as Dar Al Madina Garage for services.

Precautions To Prevent Heat-Related Tyre Blowout

You should take certain preventive measures to avoid a tyre blowout during your next summer drive.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

The proper amount of air pressure changes depending upon the car you drive. The tyres should be properly inflated to avoid any mishap.

Keep an Eye Upon the Air Pressure in the Tyres

You should measure the air pressure with a gauge before you begin driving. You should check it again after every two hours or 100 miles if you think overinflation is an issue.

Don’t Drive Until Your Tyres Cool Down

If you drive longer, you should stop for a bit, let your car rest to cool down for some time and then start the car and continue with the journey. Do not drive inappropriately and without taking breaks. It can damage your car.

Replace Worn Out Tyres

If your tires are already worn out, they’re more prone to a blowout. You should always consider getting “summer tires”, which the manufacturers specially design to handle better high temperatures.

Clean and Treat Wheels

You should regularly treat your tires with a wax-based product. It can keep them from drying out. And this ultimately decreases the possibility of a blowout.

Stay Within the Speed Limit

Exceeding or overdoing anything can be damaging. You should prefer to stay within the recommended speed limit. The slower you go, the less friction there will be. Less friction means less heat. And less heat means a lesser possibility of a blowout.

Pay Attention to the Load Weight

The more loaded your vehicle is, the more weight there will be on the car tyres. It will ultimately increase the likelihood of a blowout.

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