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What is Pecha Kucha?

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Pecha Kucha is a presentation with 20 images, each display for 20 seconds. This style originated in Japan and has become popular since. A Pecha Kucha presentation benefits you do not need PowerPoint to create slides. There are no rules and guidelines to be followed unless stated by your professors. 



The following is your step-by-step guide to designing and presenting a Pecha Kucha. 

  1. Choose a topic that you are passionate about or interested in.
  2. Shed light on the topic by presenting it from an unconventional angle. 
  3. Keep your thesis short and straightforward. 
  4. Note down the main topics you want to present. 
  5. Tell a story to get your audience’s attention to your presentation. 
  6. Outline your slides with the necessary visuals.
  7. Add in cues to let the audience know what is coming up next.
  8. Practice your presentation and adjust your timing. 
  9. Prepare yourself for changes during the actual presentation. 
  10. Adjust your tone and speech where the timing is different. 
  11. Use notes if needed but don’t read through the entire presentation. 
  12. Use Presenter View to keep you aware of what is coming next. 



It is a challenge to develop Pecha Kucha topics that excite you but are also attractive to your audience. You can use the following examples:

1. Share Travel Experiences

There is always an exciting travel story that you can share with your audience. It could be about a sunset in Cambodia, snowfall in Switzerland, or any unbeatable experience. You can use photographs from the trip and speak about the experience in detail. 

Any travel story will interest people as long as fascinating visuals add to the context. However, you don’t have to get into details as you have limited time to present. The idea is to give your audience the larger picture than providing them with every bit of detail. 

Some travel-related Pecha Kucha examples are:

  • Culture and practices witnessed in India
  • Secure traveling and digital passport
  • The impact traveling has on the human mindset
  • Solo travel and its impact on self-discovery
  • My experience traveling first-class

 2. Talk about food

If there is anything more interesting to talk about than travel, it has got to be food. While traveling requires you to travel worldwide, food can bring the world to your plate. You can share about your favorite cuisines, restaurants, and unmatchable experiences. You can share a lesser-known recipe from a specific place with your audience. 

Twenty slides may not be sufficient to share 3-4 recipes. However, you can choose one recipe and span it across the twenty slides. You can talk about the ingredients, the method of cooking, the style of eating, and photographs of the dish. 

Here are some food-related Pecha Kucha examples to discuss:

  • The impact of herbs and spices on health
  • Why shouldn’t you be missing your breakfast?
  • Ten types of Thai curries that you should try
  • The easiest salad recipes you need to try next
  • The color palette in fruits and vegetables

 3. Human emotions and how to control them

Humans have the capability of switching through many different emotions. Therefore, controlling emotions such as jealousy, anger, greed, and others is difficult. On the other hand, positive emotions shouldn’t be held but expressed whenever possible.

Each emotion has enough information to be shared. Once you have enough content to last you 20 slides, there is no need to gather more information. However, a word of caution here is not to overshare as not everyone in the audience is your friend. 

Here is how you can discuss human emotions in your Pecha-Kucha:

  • How did I become independent after being broke?
  • The effects of depression on productivity
  • Life is beautiful, and how
  • Why are smiles contagious?
  • The complexity of human emotions

 4. Talk about the future

Amongst all the funny Pecha Kucha ideas we have, talking about the future is the most fun. A talk about the future is where you can let your imagination soar as high as possible. The possibilities of having flying cars, humanoids, technically advanced gadgets, and more are endless. 

Your audience will be open to exploring more about the future with you. Although finding matching graphics to correspond with your topic will be difficult, you can create doodles from your imagination and use them in the slides. 

Some funny Pecha Kucha ideas to use for the future are:

  • Climate change and its unabashed fury
  • How will electricity and technology transform our society?
  • Ten intelligent IoT devices for your home
  • Revolutionizing kitchen gadgets for better and more innovative work in the kitchen
  • The AI-based tech that will change the world

 5. Your furry friends

Another exciting thing that bonds humans is their pets. Pet-parents are want to meet and connect with other pet parents. You can show pictures of your furry friends and mention some laughable instances with them. 

Talking about uncommon pets can constantly develop the curiosity of your audience. They want to know how living with them is, and you never know, someone in your audience may get inspired to get one for them self too. 

Examples of these furry-friends related topics are:

  • How can a pet make you more responsible?
  • Why should wild animals never be domesticated?
  • The emotional transformation after owning a pet
  • Man’s best friend
  • Emotional support dog for your children

 6. Ten, fifteen, or twenty

If you find it challenging to develop a topic, put the ten, fifteen, or twenty concepts into action. Here you discuss the best and worst of any topic you choose, be it your favorite songs or twenty favorite destinations around the world. This topic is always a hit during Pecha Kucha presentations. 



There are ample Pecha-Kucha examples you can get inspired by. However, it would be best if you never discussed religion or politics. Anything controversial should be avoided at all costs. With so many Pecha Kucha examples to choose from, you will be a pro at Pecha Kucha presentations.

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