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What is The Best Solution to Break Outlook PST into Smaller Files?

by Michael Waller

This article explains how to break a PST file in Outlook. Also, we will be discussing all the reasons why someone would be splitting their Outlook PST files.

The potential for data loss and corruption of PST files is directly proportional to the storage limits of PST files. When PST files exceed storage limits, Microsoft Outlook performance degrades and mailbox access can become corrupted. In the worst case, you may lose data.

If you are searching for the solution regarding the splitting of the Outlook PST files then you have landed on the correct platform. In this blog, we will know about the solution a user can go for to break their Outlook PST files.

Why are Users Required to break Large-sized Outlook PST File?

There are many reasons for a user to break their Outlook PST files into smaller parts. Below are some of the reasons mentioned;

  • The large-sized Outlook PST files affect the speed and performance of Microsoft Outlook.
  • If the PST file is of maximum size then it can generate some issues while opening the Outlook application.
  • If the PST file is running out of space or has limited disk space. After that, the user will not be able to save the data component to their PST file’s folder in Outlook.
  • If a large PST file becomes unacceptable, the entire Outlook mailbox data will become corrupted and inaccessible to other users.

Thus, it is required for the users to break their large-sized Outlook PST files into smaller files.

The best solution for the breaking of PST files

Users can use the Softaken Split PST utility if they are looking for an easy way to split their Outlook PST files. The application helps every single user to carry a convenient splitting of the Outlook PST files. Moreover, the tool is tested by well-qualified professionals. Without facing any kind of restrictions every single user is able to carry the splitting of their Outlook PST files. An effortless splitting of the PST files is done using this amazing Split PST tool. In addition, the features provided by the app are just amazing. With these advanced features, users find it easy to use the app and carry out the splitting of their large-sized Outlook PST files. Apart from this, the steps to split the PST files are also very easy to perform. Without any restrictions, the splitting of the Outlook PST files is performed smoothly by the app.

Looking for the free method

If you are looking for a free-of-cost method to go through the splitting of the Outlook PST files then you can have a look at the manual or DIY solution. The DIY solution is a complex method to follow by any user. Also, many limitations are there that are faced by the users while following this manual method for the splitting of the Outlook PST files. Let us go through these methods;

Method # 1:

  • Open the installed MS Outlook.
  • Now create a new PST data file.

  • Step Click File and then click on the Other Items, then select the Outlook Data File, and then click File.
  • A wizard appears for creating or opening an Outlook data file. Browse to the location and name the new PST data file.
  • Click OK to generate a new PST file and list it in Outlook.
  • Click File and then select the Open option.
  • The Import / Export Wizard opens, select Export to File, and click Next.
  • Now select the Outlook Data PST file (.pst) and click Next.
  • In the Export to the File dialog box, select the folder to which you want to export the data. Open the folder and select the item.
  • Click Continue.
  • Press Browse to select the file you want to export to.
  • Opens the Outlook data file Wizard
  • Select the files and click on the OK button

You can see the Outlook files in the edit box option. Click on the Finish button to begin the splitting process.

Method # 2: 

  • Open Outlook and select PST file to move the data to a new file.
  • Click File and select Archive.
  • In the Archive dialog box, select the Archive this folder and all subfolders check box.
  • Select the folder you want to move from the list.
  • Now select a date from the calendar from the Archive Older Items option.
  • Select a location and name the new PST file.
  • Click OK and a new PST file will be created in the desired location.

Method # 3: 

  • Open MS Outlook and click the File button.
  • Select the New option and click the Outlook Data File window.
  • Name the new PST file “Create Microsoft Personal Folder”.
  • Then click the Edit tab and select Destination. Folder Options
  • Here in the Move-Item dialog box, click New Options
  • Select a new PST file Select a location to place the folder options and click on the OK button
  • Next, in Move Items, select a new folder with a new PST file.
  • Finally, press the OK button.

Method # 4: 

  • Open the MS Outlook application and then go to the File tab
  • Click on the Account Settings Option
  • Select Account Settings and click Data File Option
  • Select the data files you want to split and click the settings option
  • Click the Compact Now button, then click the OK button.

A user can follow any of the methods that are discussed above in order or split their Outlook PST files manually or free of cost.


This blog discusses all the details that a user has to follow for the splitting of the PST files. Moreover, the blog provides information about the techniques that can be used by users to break their Outlook PST files. It will be reliable for the users to choose the Split PST tool because of the presence of the advanced features that are provided by the tool. However, it is all up to the users to select their method to split the PST files.


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