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What Makes Chess a Good Choice for You?

by priaanca_singh

 Manifold games are there to lay but one game that you should never miss out on is chess. This is an interesting, informative and effective game to play. Actually you know what, chess is more than a simple game. The strategy, concentration, memory, perspective and creativity are enveloped into thirty-two white squares, thirty-two black squares and sixteen pieces.

Moreover, chess is also a game that takes some time, and if you wish to become a grandmaster, it takes all your efforts and time. The normal adult chess player has a ranking of somewhat nearly twelve hundred. Masters characteristically range from two thousand to three thousand. Remember that once your ranking goes up, the players start playing differently. And if you feel that you don’t know much about this game then take up and become refined at this game.

How to win and lose: you learn it from chess 

Everybody looks forward to win, of course, but learning to accept and take up failure healthily is equally important. Sometimes you teach a lesson and on other times you are simply taught a lesson! The most crucial thing is to learn from such lessons and turn out to be a stronger and more resilient player. As in life, you do need some support as you do face setbacks and become stronger and that of wiser. The capability to win is a crucial character trait that can be achieved through chess. The capability to accept mistakes and simply learn from them as well.

Understand importance of consequences of your actions 

It is not that you all become the best players of chess, it is also about learning things that you learn while you play this game. You know,  once you play chess, the game teaches you from an early age that your choices can have both good as well as bad consequences. By reflecting on your moves and trying to simply find the most appropriate one, you do improve. You do realize that playing too fast and making quick decisions can get you into some sort of trouble.

Your concentration becomes better 

It is true that chess is one game that demands your full concentration.  Being a player of chess, you can make thirty moves at grandmaster level, and then simply get distracted by the thirty first move and permit an elementary mistake that is going to make you lose the game. Remember, learning to concentrate at your task is important when you do anything in life. And this trait of better concentration is one thing that you learn through chess. 

Now, the point is if you are thinking about what you did the last evening or what you would do the next day; you would get distracted while playing the game of chess. And it is not that you would be able to do your best with such a fluctuation in your concentration.  Within a wink of your eye, your opponent may take a move or create a strategy that may put you in trouble. Hence, the same thing is in life. You concentrate or you may miss out on things that do matter.


To sum up, if you want to become better at different things in your life, learn chess. Take up chess home tutors assistance and become a pro.


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