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What’s Digitize invoice management in your ERP

by dynamicssquare

Tired of manually logging data? Save time and forget about paper by making the leap to digitizing invoices in your ERP!

As you know, digital transformation and the use of digital tools and solutions for the management and administration of a business and its commercial processes is a reality for companies and SMEs , regardless of their size or sector. They allow centralizing information , optimizing management , knowing forecasts and having greater control of what happens in our business.

However, despite digitization, the cost of paper for invoices, contracts, delivery notes… is still high . It is difficult for us to separate ourselves from the traditional element that paper represents, to which we are accustomed, even on occasions when it slows down our work and harms productivity .

Thousands of documents are generated every minute, including emails, letters, appointments, orders, contracts, agreements, certificates, supplier invoices… Some of them in digital version, but the vast majority on paper.

Having all the information of your most important documents in your business management tool or ERP allows you to save time and optimize your processes . However, the effort involved in converting all those documents to a digital version can be tedious and endless.

Benefits of digitizing invoices and other documents in your ERP

There are a multitude of factors that can lead you to digitize invoices and other documents. In addition to saving space, the fundamental reason would be to be able to have the information much faster : finding all your relevant documents in a digital version just by typing a couple of words is a great time saver. This can improve the efficiency of your company .

By incorporating a document digitalization solution you can obtain the following:

Increased productivity : Scan and digitize documents that you have in physical format and receive them directly in PDF or XML format. Additionally, PDF or XML files can be automatically downloaded from predefined email addresses.
Automated workflow: Capture the lines in a purchase or credit note and send them to the purchase lines of your ERP. Regardless of the information you need to capture in any document or the type of document in question, you will be able to carry out all the necessary procedures from the same place in the ERP, thus facilitating your work processes.
Reconciliation of orders: If you work with purchase orders, return orders or packing slips, you will be able to reconcile the documents automatically. Match incoming purchase documents, such as purchase invoices or credit memos, with other related documents, such as purchase orders, return orders, or packing slips.
Cost savings : compared to the cost of printing, shipping and storing physical documents.
Official and homologated : invoices digitized with software approved by the AEAT are official, so it is not necessary to keep the original.

Document Capture: digitizing invoices in Business Central

Document Capture , Continia ‘s document management tool , is a solution that allows the scanning and digitization of invoices and other documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV /Business central. It offers automatic document registration, recognition with an OCR reader, an advanced approval flow and a digital archive with full text search.

PDF files are automatically downloaded from pre-defined email addresses (automation flows) and processed using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, without user involvement. Paper documents are scanned with a desktop or network scanner and follow the same flow as PDF files.

All relevant document information is automatically transferred to the corresponding fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC , making entering incoming documents fast and efficient.

In the same way, it optimizes the processing and management of purchase invoices with a wide range of new features such as automated supplier detection, document overview, entry registration and much more.

Using 3-way association, invoices can be automatically linked to existing purchase orders or packing slips, as well as approved and posted if quantities are within pre-defined thresholds.

In addition, Document Capture is approved by the Spanish Tax Agency. The documents digitized with this tool are Official , so there is no need to save the originals, thus saving space and the physical expense of storage.

With this document scanning solution you will save time and money thanks to the automatic digitization of all your invoices . Don’t worry about the implementation time, you will be able to start using your Document Capture in less than a week .


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