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Which is the best place for animation courses in Kolkata?

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Animation has recently gained popularity, with graphics becoming a booming career. It acts as a medium where pictures or objects are used to be portrayed as moving ones.

If you want to learn animation courses in Kolkata, MAAC Animation Institute in Girish Park, Kolkata, is one of the best animation institutes in Kolkata, providing high-quality education and training in 3D Animation.

What is animation?

Animation is a method in which characters are livened to look like moving images. In traditional animation, hand drawings are drawn or paintings on smooth celluloid sheets to create images and then printed on paper.

These pictures are then drawn onto paper using a brush.

With the advent of computer-assisted animation, most animated movies today are created with computer-generated images. The techniques used in animation have evolved over time.

Animation is state of the art with the endless possibility that anyone can participate and enjoy. It is an art form with which animation became more widely used in society. Recently, with improvements in technology and new concepts of how to make it available to more people, animation has become a famous medium for artists worldwide. Animation is a fantastic way to tell stories, create worlds, and offer what can’t be noticed in real life.

Factors for choosing an animation institute

Believing in words is not necessary, but you can yourself analyze the best animation institute in Kolkata for different types of animation courses. The factors that will help you choose the best place for animation courses in Kolkata are:

  • Faculty: Experienced faculty members for teaching animation are the best thing you should notice when choosing an institute for learning animation courses. MAAC Animation is the best place with top faculty members who will teach you various animation courses.
  • Infrastructure: Second most important thing is infrastructure. You need to check on the atmosphere of learning. We have a fully modernized area of teaching where you will be comfortable learning animation in Kolkata.
  • Placement: Along with teaching, MAAC Animation is the top animation institute in Kolkata, where you get placement after learning animation courses. You can get career opportunities from our institute.
  • Awards: We have got awards for being the top animation institute in Kolkata from recognized places.
  • Diploma courses: We offer various certificate and diploma courses that will help you boost your career opportunities. Serving students learn animation at MAAC Animation is the best thing for career growth.

When you are searching for an animation institute, you must be planning to learn animation, so I will elaborate you some of the key benefits of learning animation.

Benefits of learning animation

  • Animation aids deepen visual knowledge better than traditional diagrams.
  • Animation skips unnecessary wording and visuals.
  • It permits you to communicate ideas quickly and sharply.
  • Animation is a cost-saving communication strategy.
  • It enlightens & engages the audience through entertainment.
  • It also supplies real-to-life scenarios faced in daily life during learning and so many other activities.
  • Boosts career opportunities


After checking the animation institute, you should definitely go and meet the counsellor of MAAC Animation to help you choose the animation course suitable for you, depending upon your requirements.
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