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Which Lipstick Colour Are You Going For This Rainy Season?

A special attention should be paid to colors of the lips during monsoon season

by mehrotrasaanvi
Which Lipstick Colour Are You Going For This Rainy Season?

A special attention should be paid to colors of the lips during rainy season as the weather can affect our appearance and also the dark aspect of it is easily cured with a lovely lip color.

You should also make sure you purchase waterproof ones to protect your lips during the rainy season. The rain can’t ruin or alter the colour of your lips therefore, choosing the waterproof ones is sensible.

The most important factor of the colour of your lips is of course the color you’re wearing and where you’re going. Based on that, go for a lip colour that is consistent through the season. But, in the time of rain; prior to choosing your lipstick color take a moment to look up the forecast for the weather and make a plan accordingly.

If it’s heavy downfall and low humidity or a an upcoming stormy day These lip color suggestions are a great choice for any occasion and you can choose one of the available colors. What’s more is that these shades are also suitable to all skin tones and shapes of the lips.

Take the time to look over the latest trends in lipstick colour.

Natural Nude Lip Color

There’s women who are obsessed with makeup but prefer keeping their makeup simple so that it doesn’t draw attention from other people. For them, here’s the most subtle selection of colors to choose from. Natural nude lipstick colours will not coat the natural color of your lips however they make the lips appear attractive. For natural, nude colors for your lips you should opt for glossy shades.

Metallic Lip Color

In fashion, particularly with urban fashionistas. metallic lipsticks add accent and defines your lips in spite of the dark weather of monsoon season. It is important to note that the color of your lips alone will not create the perfect metallic lips. If you want your lips to appear to be the glossy top coat of metallic lipstick make sure you apply the champagne shade too. By applying the champagne hue to the middle of the lipstick, and applying the lip color on the sides with the help of concealer is an ideal metallic lip.

Cocoa Chocolaty Lip Colour Range

When you opt for the cocoa chocolaty selection of lipstick colours You are choosing brown-based colors for your lips. The great thing about the brown-based colour is that it works well with any skin tone. To ensure that your cocoa chocolatey lipsticks look perfect this season of rain, make sure that you purchase waterproof lipsticks only. For formal events make sure to keep the chocolatey shade up to a double coat. For meetings and parties after work the coats of chocolatey range lipsticks may be increased.

Lovely Lavender Lipstick

If you’re looking for the lavender lip color there are a variety that will make you confused. From light plum to dark purple – all the colors in this category are perfect for rainy days because they will cause your lips apart. The lavender variety of shades also makes the lips appear plump. If you purchase an extremely light shade of lavender, you can apply an overcoat with it to achieve the perfect party-ready look. If you have a dark purple dress and you want to color change you can puff it out with a loose powder after applying the makeup.

The lively red

The one lipstick colour can be worn all the time of the year is certainly red. It doesn’t matter if your red is like rosy, vermillion and coral or crimson – red lipstick needs the right attitude and time to wear. When you put on red lipstick, be sure that you’re confident about the color to any place you wear it. Additionally, red lipstick is best used for specific occasions, such as an evening walk or a rain dance it could be.

Twin Lip Colour Twin Lip Colour

Unique and unique among the latest lip colors This new addition is the result of twin lip colouring. In this case, you’ll need two lipsticks in order for the makeup. Two different lip colour shades are applied simultaneously for your lips to stand out. While this may seem like something you would find in a store when you apply this twin-lip colouring, you’ve have to master the method in advance. Make sure you choose two shades that contrast and the perfect match. Don’t just select white and black shades randomly.


If you’re going out in town that requires some color opt for a dark hue of the burgundy. Because it’s deep do not think it’s being boring. In reality, it’s contrary. Incredibly striking and rich, plum tones look stunning with Indian complexion tones.


To find the right balance between orange and red shades that is rust need to choose. It’s not overly bright yet still manages to stand out and is great in the workplace too.


If you’re looking to get all the attention on you, then don’t be afraid to step from a bright orange splash of color. It’ll provide the perfect contrast to the dull winter as well as reminding you that bright days aren’t far off.


It’s impossible to say no to the most popular pink color is it? It’s flirty, fun and can be paired with just about every outfit you can imagine. Test it out for yourself, since a splash of pink will never hurt anyone.

1. Do you want to keep your lipstick lasting longer? Apply a lip liner on your lips as an outline all over your lips. If you’re using lighter lipstick, go for the same shade of lip liner and apply a lot of it in the middle of your pencil .This makes the lipstick adhere to your lips.

2. Take a look at the features that you have on your face could be improved. Lips that are smaller should opt for lighter shades of lipstick to distract attention from your lips. Choose more natural shades and concentrate on the cheeks or eyes.

3. To go out on a night out during monsoon choose a classic red matte lipstick. This will help your teeth sparkle and appear more radiant. Make use of loose powder on the use of a tissue to provide you with an elegant matte lips.

4. Prior to going to bed, take a moment to brush your lips using the tooth brush. This will smooth your lips and remove old skin cells.

5. Your lips will naturally grow by rubbing them together for a couple of times. This will cause blood vessels to burst and make your lips appear fuller. lips naturally.

6. To disguise yellow teeth, make use of lipsticks that have an undertone of red – such as wine, pinks, plums and violets. These are all appropriate colors for monsoon.

7. If you’re not a fan of makeup that is heavy and you don’t want to go out on a limb, try the stain on your lips. For this, apply the lip balm over your entire lips and apply the color using your fingers and then wipe away using tissues. The result will be the appearance of a stain. One suggestion is to apply beetroot slices in the kitchen, and apply it to your cheeks and lips.

8. Are you looking to put on lipstick but your lips feel uneven? Apply a lip liner to correct and balance it. Draw lines on the top of the lip with the help of a lip liner to highlight the cupid’s bow. Line just outside of the natural edges of the lower lip to create more definition.

9. Repair your broken lipsticks. Make the broken pieces melt using matches. After the melting is complete, put the broken pieces on the base, and rotate it. It will harden, and is it is ready for use.

10. Re-invent and mix colors and products. Make a fresh and new gloss to your favorite lip shade . This can re-invent and offer something new. Consider soft violets, shimmer , and pluck glosses. Applying gloss to the middle of the lip can give the appearance of a more fuller lip.

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