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Why does a pool need winter maintenance?

by Lonsdalelinks
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A pool can be a wonderful addition to any backyard, but if it’s not properly maintained, it can quickly become a nuisance. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the common winter pool maintenance Adelaide service issues that a pool can experience and how to prevent them from occurring.

First and foremost, keep an eye on your pool pump and filter: if they’re damaged, the pool will not function properly. Also, be sure to check for damage to cleaners and robots – these machines can easily get stuck or submerged in water, leading to costly repairs.

Finally, make sure the surface of the pool is free of buildup – this can be caused by leaves, branches, or ice. By following these simple tips, you’ll be ready to tackle winter maintenance without any problems!

Top Reasons Why Does Your Pool Need Winter Maintenance?

Pool Pump and Filter Damage

During winter, it’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners on your pool surfaces. In fact, it’s a good time to do Pool Maintenance Adelaide on your pool because the temperatures are lower and the water clarity is better.

Pool pumps need to be checked for impeller wear, leeching, and scaling, and the filter needs to be replaced if it’s more than 6 months old, cleaned if it’s not showing signs of use, and tested for proper function. Make sure all covers are in place and fastened securely – they can protect your pool from wind and rain while you’re away!

Damage to cleaners and robots

Pools need regular maintenance in order to avoid damage. Damage can occur to cleaners and robots, so it’s important to have these devices inspected and repaired as needed.

In addition to regular maintenance, pools typically need more chlorine and greater water change frequency in the winter months. Make sure your pool is properly sealed before winter arrives – this will help prevent any damage from happening!

Pool Surfaces

It’s that time of year again – the dreaded winter months! While pools are fun to use and look at, they need a little extra love and care during this time of year. Follow all safety regulations when it comes to using chemicals around pools, and make sure to schedule regular molasses and chlorine maintenance to keep your pool surfaces clean and clear.

Make sure to keep an eye on your pool during the winter – it may need a bit more attention than usual. And if you’re lucky, your pool may even be in good shape and require no Pool Maintenance Adelaide at all!


It’s that time of year again – winter! And with winter comes the risk of the pool pump and filter damage, damage to cleaners and robots, and of course, pool surfaces. To help you avoid these common problems, read on for the answers to some of your most pressing questions about pool maintenance. Make sure to check back regularly, as we’ll be adding new content to this blog to help you keep your pool in peak condition all winter long!

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