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Why Should You Pick a Different Host Than Web Developers?

by hollyemilyhm
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Websites are an inevitable part of the modern world. Some need them to lead and promote their business, while others need them to get the information they want. Those who need information can search the website on the internet and get what they want. On the other hand, the ones who need to do business through them have to get a website developed and hosted to finally start a business through it.

Not everyone is self-sufficient in the technical expertise of developing websites. Due to this, people contact website developers. After getting the website, they often host the website with the developers too. It can be beneficial if the developers have experience and expertise; however, it is not a worthy choice at all times, and you should prefer a professional host over them.

If you are unable to decide the best host for your website, give a detailed read to this article and learn why you should pick a different host than your website developers.

Top 7 Reasons to Not Pick Web Developers as Host

Due to the increased number of websites and web hosting needs, web developers are trying to help the public by offering the service. However, at times, the service works against them and causes loss to websites and website owners. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the website owners to know the issues and try their best to save the websites.

Here are some of the most critical reasons you should not pick web developers as your web host and consult only the professional ones for it.

1. Increased Hosting Cost

Increased hosting cost is the first and foremost reason you should not pick web developers as your hosting service providers. They will add up the cost of website development and maintenance requirements to the hosting package and disturb your budget. Due to such limitations, many website owners consult Website hosting Dubai based service providers and opt for professional and cost-effective solutions.

2. Developers Provide Reseller Hosting

The website developers that offer web hosting services actually provide reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is the one, service provider’s source from some professional hosts and offers to the users. They do not offer the hosting service directly, which is another reason to prefer professional hosts over website developers. Reseller hosting is not problematic, but the lack of knowledge and expertise can lead to issues.

3. Lack of Expert Technical Support

Another important reason you should not prefer to get hosting services from website developers is the lack of technical support and expertise. The website developers might not be able to manage backups, server monitoring, and security attacks round the clock. If you are also unable to manage these on your own, then your website will always be at risk of loss.

4. Compromise on Various Features

Another reason not to trust and prefer website developers over professional hosts is that you might have to compromise on various features. It can be package price, SSL certificates, bandwidth, storage or other important features, security updates, server updates, monitoring, etc. If you cannot get a wholesome package with round-the-clock support, it is not a worthy deal.

5. No Information about Original Host

The most compelling reason for many website owners not to trust the website developers as their hosts is that it hinders their ability to get information about the original hosts. Web developers are often resellers, and not knowing the original hosts implies that you cannot trust them. Your data will always be at stake of manipulation or breaches, so you need to be extra vigilant.

6. Problems Can Multiply Really Soon

Having a professional and reliable host boosts the trust of the website owners. As they know the experts will handle any sort of issue as soon as it emerges. On the other hand, if you are entrusting your web hosting to website developers who are not experts in handling it. The problems can multiple really soon. It will not only impact your user traffic but ruin your image too.

7. Service Can Get Slower

The last but most important reason you should never prefer. Web developers over professional hosts for web hosting is that it can result in slower service. Web developers are usually not experts in handling hosting needs. Which can lead to delaying server issues and longer and frequent downtimes of your website. You should instead contact the website hosting Dubai based service providers and let the professionals ensure fast and uncompromised hosting for your website.

Are you looking for professional hosts?

If you have realized the importance of professional hosts. You will not be willing to host your website with web developers, and that is the right order to follow too. Instead of contemplating and wasting more time, contact the professional web hosting service providers and let the experts take care of all your hosting needs at a cost-effective rate and offer high-quality service.

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